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The Haunting of Bannwell Bridge | Terror Bridge
Fort Dodge, Iowa

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/27/2011



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About Bannwell Bridge | Terror Bridge

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge is the county seat of Webster County, Iowa. It is located in central Iowa along the Des Moines River on U.S. Routes 20 and 169. The population of Fort Dodge is about 25,000 residents.

Bannwell Bridge |Terror Bridge Haunting:

Bannwell Bridge |Terror Bridge Directions:

Take Highway 7 out of Fort Dodge to a sign that says “Fairbanks”. Turn left at or near this sign onto a gravel road. About ¼ of a mile south is Bannwell Bridge | Terror Bridge.

The haunting reported at Bannwell Bridge is the classic gravity hill phenomena reported all across the United States. Another famous example of a gravity is Loma Alta Street in Altadena, California. Put your car in neutral, and ghostly kids are supposed to push your car across some nearby railroad tracks. The Bannwell Bridge is said by locals to be the site where a woman hung herself. This woman, according to some stories had six children. Her husband died of yellow fever. After his death, the woman lost her mind and took her children and tied them to the railroad tracks. In Kellyville, Oklahoma, there is a Cry Baby Bridge that is associated with an historically verifiable and tragic train wreck.

People have reported a variety of phenomena. The apparition of the woman is said to appear at Bannwell Bridge. Car problems have been reported on the bridge. Locals report that when they drive over the bridge at midnight, they often experience car problems because of the spirit of the woman who still haunts this location. Consistent with other railroad track “gravity hill” hauntings (which are not hauntings at all, but rather gravity pushing a car downhill that, because of an optical illusion, looks like it is uphill), people report hand prints on the outside of their car that were purportedly not on the car before their encounter with the unseen ghost children who are “pushing the car”. The Shelbyville, Kentucky Cry Baby Bridge is another location where locals claim that the handprints  of discarnate children can be seen on cars passing over it.

Don't forget to check out the Birthday Bridge in Mount Pleasant, Iowa where the apparition of a girl is said to appear hanging from the bridge.


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Banwell Bridge

Terror Bridge


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