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The Haunting of Gates Of Hell Cemetery
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About Gates of Hell cemetery

Gates of Hell Cemetery - Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The Gates of Hell Cemetery is located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Elizabethtown, Kentucky is presently situated in the county of Hardin. Hardin County is in the center-northern part of Kentucky, and borders seven other counties as well as the state border of Tennessee. Within Hardin County, Elizabethtown is in the far eastern part of Hardin County. Elizabethtown was, as of 2010, a city with over 28,000 people residing in it. Elizabethtown’s popular nickname is E-town, sometimes shown without the dash (Etown). Elizabethtown was founded in 1795 and was named for Colonel Andrew Hynes’s wife, who was probably named Elizabeth.

The Gates of Hell Cemetery is quite simply a nickname for this haunted cemetery, whose real name is Kasey Cemetery. It’s also known as Hell’s Cemetery. The cemetery is also located near to, and along the same road as the Bethlehem Academy, which is Elizabethtown’s other haunted location. The Gates of Hell Cemetery is heavily overgrown with grass and trees, but there are gravestones that are evident, but there aren‘t very many that are very visible because the cemetery is very old. These gravesites date back to the 1700’s and 1800’s, but most of the people buried under the headstones are unknown, sadly.

The paranormal occurrences at the Gates of Hell Cemetery are pretty average. People have seen orbs, felt feelings of being watched, and other such things often associated with cemeteries. But the Gates of Hell Cemetery is not normal, according to many people. Quite a few people have said that Satanists practice out at the Gates of Hell Cemetery, as well as do sacrifices, on occasion. Witnesses have reported finding bones, most likely of animals, on the cemetery grounds along with burnt wood. Many say that the Gates of Hell Cemetery is a very haunted cemetery; so scary, some may argue, that they will not go into the cemetery itself. One group reported that while they were there, there was once a large, bright green orb that was suspended in midair above them. It stayed there a couple of minutes, they say, and then it shot up into the sky so fast it looked as if it had just disappeared. Reports of screams coming from in and around the cemetery have also been reported, as well as seeing shadow people walking around. Many have also claimed to have had electrical problems with their cars while they were out at the cemetery. Some people from Elizabethtown will go out to this cemetery to party at night, and/or to just get creeped out.

The Gates of Hell Cemetery is located out in the middle of nowhere, a couple miles from the very end of St. John Road. Take St. John Road out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and drive all along it for a ways. Eventually, you will see Bethlehem Academy, now a restaurant, drive past that. Go for a few more miles and you’ll find Kasey Cemetery, it may not be very prominent because it’s extremely run down.


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