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The Haunting of Kiowa Creek Train Bridge
Bennett, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Kiowa Creek Train Bridge


The History:

On May 21, 1878, a Kansas Pacific engine and some freight cars were swallowed in Kiowa Creek when a flash flood wiped out the train bridge. The train was completely buried in the creek, but the railroad did dig the train cars out of the creek. Although Kiowa Creek is mostly dry, water levels do rise when there is rain and there is quicksand near Kiowa Creek, according to reports from older folks in the area (NUMA, n.d.; St. Vrain, 2008).

Apparently, there was rain in an area quite a long distance from Kiowa Creek and the flash flood was therefore somewhat unexpected. The flash flooding happened in the middle of the night and the train and resident of the nearby community (Bennett) had no notification of impending danger. The train engineer and the fireman perished in the accident according to one report. Another report indicated that three men died in the accident. Apparently, two of the men had married sisters whose maiden name had been Bennett. The nearby community was renamed in their honor (NUMA, n.d.; St. Vrain, 2008).

The Shadowlands Index reported that in this Kiowa Creek train accident, “many passengers passed away on board,” but this was likely not a passenger train. Still, the report is somewhat accurate in that people did die in this train accident and the report does have some basis in historical fact (Shadowlord, n.d.)

The Haunting:

According to Shadowlands, visitors to the site of the accident may experience the sight or sound of a “ghost train” (Shadowlord, n.d.)


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