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The Haunting of Larned State Hospital
Larned, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/22/2011



Larned State Hospital | Larned, Kansas

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About Larned State Hospital

Larned State Hospital

History and Demographics for Larned, Kansas:

Larned is located about 25 miles southwest of Great Bend, Kansas.

The Larned State Hospital is a mental hospital for people with a variety of mental/emotional problems. The Larned Hospital houses some of the most troubled mental patients in Kansas. Individuals who are considered a danger to themselves or a danger to others, as well as sex offenders are sent to the Larned Hospital.

Interestingly, in 2007, inspectors cited the Larned State Hospital for filthy living areas, very cold showers, and a lack of supervision. These conditions, apparently lead to the death of one of the patients at the hospital. A female at Larned State Hospital choked to death on April 1, 2007. The woman had Level III dyphagia, a swallowing disorder. She was on a special diet of soft and bite size pieces of food because of her disorder. Unfortunately, however, the woman would often search for food in trash cans or hoard food in her room. The week before he death, she was complaining about something being lodge in her throat and then proceeded to cough up two bite sized pieces of ham.

The woman died the morning of April 1, 2007. She was found in an unresponsive state. The staff identified the unswallowed food as pancakes.

Ghosts and Hauntings for Larned State Hospital in Larned, Kansas:

Visitors to the Larned State Hospital have reported seeing ghosts/apparitions on the East 2 Wing of the Dillon Building. It seems unlikely that the death of the woman mentioned about and the ghost(s) of the East 2 Wing of the Dillon building are related.


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