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The Haunting of Lucas Bay Light
Conway, South Carolina

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 04/24/2011



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About Lucas Bay Light

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November 1, 2009

Investigation # 2

Time: 2am

Weather: 69 F/Humid/Overcast/Breezy


Yes, we did attempt to investigate the Lucas Bay Light on Halloween, no, we didn’t really find anything. The area is creepy, it does have an off feeling about it, we did see some strange things, but as far as any actual EVIDENCE of the paranormal, nothing was found.

While Investigations in this area are always fun, I’m going to chalk up the legend of Lucas Bay to just that, urban legend.

· I did feel a few cold spots

· We did notice a strange light walking down the road

· A light was seen in a field off Lucas Bay Road

· After evidence review: No EVP, “orbs” appearing in pictures are most likely water vapor or dust, nothing on video

· Are planning a final investigation to the Lucas Bay area. If no evidence is found during this investigation, we are going to chalk up the legend of Lucas Bay to just that…..legend.

Final Thoughts:

This area is extremely popular with younger people and “thrill seekers”. During both of our investigations we noticed several groups of individuals also looking for the light. Because of the number of people, cars, houses etc. It’s extremely difficult to say for certain if any “orbs” are the actual Lucas Bay Light or car headlights, house lights, flash lights etc.

Several members of our group reported having personal experiences. However, there is no way to corroborate those feelings.

Check back for our final investigation of the Lucas Bay Light


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