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The Haunting of Major Graham Mansion
Max Meadows, Virginia

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/18/2011



Major Graham Mansion | Max Meadows, Virginia

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About Major Graham Mansion

Max Meadows, Virginia

Max Meadows is located in Wythe County, Virginia in the southwestern part of the state. It is a small community of only about 500 residents.

Major Graham Mansion Information:

The Major Graham Mansion is 11,000 square feet.

Before the mansion was built, Joseph Baker and his wife owned the land and had built a log cabin where the mansion sits today. Death records of 1786 at the Montgomery County Courthouse revel that Joseph Baker was murdered by two of his slaves, named Bob and Sam. Bob and Sam were hanged and buried on a hill overlooking the Major Graham Mansion.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Major Graham Mansion in Max Meadows, Virginia:

Paranormal investigators at the Major Graham Mansion have recorded numerous EVP's.

Psychics at the Major Graham Mansion have reported an active spirit named “Clara” who was an orphan during the Civil War. “Clara”, according to the psychic, was hidden in Emily and Bettie Graham's closet for several years during the war. The psychic reports that Clara eventually died of tuberculosis and pneumonia in the winter. The girls wrapped her body in sheets and hid her in the closet until they could bury her in a grave just beyond the barn on a hill. Today, people can play ball with Clara in her room.

The ghost of Martha, Squire David Graham's wife, also purportedly haunts the Major Graham Mansion. Some sources report that Martha was shackled up in the basement in the “slave shackle room” from time to time by her husband. Staff report that Martha's ghost is often blamed for pranks at the Major Graham Mansion.

The ghosts of the two slaves, Bob and Sam, who were hung on the hill overlooking the Major Graham Mansion also are said to haunt the mansion.


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