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The Haunting of Oakland Cemetery
Iowa City, Iowa

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Oakland Cemetery


Located on the north side of Iowa City along Hwy 1, also known as Governor's St.. It is situated next to Hickory Park at 1000 Brown St.


Oakland Cemetery has served for the main cemetery in Iowa City since 1843. The Black Angel statue in the cemetery was constructed in 1912 as a memorial to Nicolaus Feldevert.

On Halloween, residents of Iowa City will gather around this Black Angel/Angel of Death statue. According to legend, if one kisses the statue they will die unless they are a virgin. So, on Halloween, people will gather around and test their luck with this curse by giving the statue a kiss. Local lore has also propagated the myth that if a pregnant woman walks underneath the statues wings she will miscarry.


Glowing apparitions have been reported. Oddly, these glowing apparitions have been named, "The Black Angel" reflecting the local lore surrounding the Feldevert memorial. Cold spots and warm spots have been reported near a certain set of statues in the cemetery.


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