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The Haunting of Pittsburg Middle School
Pittsburg, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/24/2011



Pittsburg Middle School | Pittsburg, Kansas

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About Pittsburg Middle School

History and Demographics for Kansas:

Kansas was once home to three Indian tribes; the Kansas, Pawnee, and Osage. The people of these tribes hunted buffalo and raised corn, beans, and squash.

In 1541, Spanish explorers lead by Francisco Coronado passed through the area now known as Lindsborg, Kansas. They were looking for gold.

In the 1700's, both France and Spain claimed Kansas as their territory. In 1809, the United States purchased the land now called Kansas as part of the Louisiana Purchase except for the southwest corner of the state, which was acquired from Texas in 1850.

Between 1825 and 1840, Kansas was declared Indian Territory and a variety of tribes came to the region include the Kickapoo, Shawnee, Delaware, Chippewa, Iowa, and Wyndotte. Meanwhile, in 1827, Colonel Henry Leavenworth, established the first white settlement in Kansas. Folks began passing through Kansas during the gold rush era and between 1840 and 1878, there were a number of indian raids and bloody battles.

In 1854, President Pierce signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which made Kansas into its own territory. At that time, this gave regional settlers the opportunity to decide whether the Kansas Territory should be free or slave. People in the Kansas Terriroty fought bitterly over this issue and the time period over which the bitter fighting took place is known as the “Bleeding Kansas” era. In 1855, it was decided that Kansas should be a slave state. Rivals set up an alternate government, but it was never recognized federally.

No battles were fought in Kansas, but Kansas sent a large number of troops to the Union army and battles were fought near the eastern border of Kansas.

By 1900, most of Kansas was settled. And people were driving large herds of longhorn cattle through the western region of Kansas from Texas to Nebraska.

Pittsburg, Kansas is located in Crawford County is southeastern Kansas. Pittsburg has a population of about 20,000 residents.

Pittsburg, Kansas was originally named Iowa City when it was founded on May 20, 1876. The city originally functioned as a coal mining camp. Today is is well known for the Pittsburg State University a training school for educators.

Ghosts and Hauntings for the Pittsburg Middle School, in Pittsburg Kansas :

Students report that toilets flush on their own and doors open and close without explanation throughout the school. Students have also reported seeing the ghost of a little girl in the hallways at the Pittsburg Middle School in Pittsburg, Kansas.


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ownerzombie Posted: 07/07/2011
There's a story behind the little girl in the hallways. Ok for one i go to the Pittsburg Community Middle School (PCMS). Two the little girl in the hallways was killed in the school. The way she was killed was by being drowned. There used to be a pool in the middle school along time ago (about th 1980's or 90's), back i the older part of the school, and there was this little girl sitting on the deep end on the side. when she was sitting there a person came running by and accidently knocked her in the pool. But this little girl didn't know how to swim. She didnt start screaming until she realized she went into the water so no-one heard her and she suffered the slow death of drowning. After that incident the school was forced to close down the pool and cement over it. They shortly replaced the pool with a basket ball court/mini-gym. The gym is still in use as a tornado shelter and a practice room for the weights class. And till now the school has kept quiet about the little girl. So if any reason someone see's a little girl through the hallways, it's because no-one would think to put her poor soul to rest neither pray for her, and she is pretty much cursed to an eternity of either limbo or to walk the earth restless.
Lonnie Owens Posted: 01/25/2013
Hello,,, First I would like to state that during the time that (ownerzombie) says that the little girl died in the school that did not happen because when I went on to high school the pool was still in use... and if things happened the way he says they did then the little girls name would be known.... But as for the haunting I had to laugh when I read this because this is completely untrue....
drowning victim Posted: 09/30/2013
I was the little girl who drowned in the pool, Betty Sherman check it out it is true, a person who had autism did push me in horsing around. Yes, I drowned but was pulled out by two class mates, at which time the then present gym teacher performed cpr as I am told. My brother in-law is a custodian at the school and the pool is still there, but is not in use any longer.

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