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The Haunting of Shanghai Tunnels
Portland, Oregon

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/07/2011



Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon

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About Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai Tunnels are located in Portland, Oregon, under Portland's Chinatown. The Shanghai Tunnels are also right across from the Dan and Louis Oyster Bar. The Shanghai Tunnels are also known as the Portland Underground. The name “Portland Underground” is not quite as well known of a name as the Shanghai Tunnels. If you were going to ask locals where the Shanghai Tunnels were located, you would ask just that and probably be understood much better than if you asked where the Portland Underground was located. The Shanghai Tunnels are a series of basements underneath buildings that are connected together by archways that are connected to passageways made out of brick. The Shanghai Tunnels are directly under the streets of Portland and go throughout the city. The Shanghai tunnels have a rich, dark, and fascinating history from eighteen fifty till nineteen forty one. During this period of time, Portland, Oregon was know as the “Forbidden City” or the “Unheavenly City” due to it's extreme current criminal track record of “Shanghaiing”. “Shanghaiiers”, as the people who would do the cruel business of Shanghaiing, would lure working men, usually of a job that required strength and finesse, into the tunnels, and then trap them in cells so that they could be sold to overseas places as slaves. These men that were unsuspectingly caught didn't know that they were going to be sold to Oriental place in the world, to become slaves for richer people overseas. The Shanghai tunnels were also used to capture women and sell them into the prostitution industry. The people that caught women and sold them for prostitution were called “White Slavers”. Women were told not to go to certain places, and to not do certain things in Portland, Oregon, such as go to dances, so as to not get caught by the White Slavers, and get taken into the Shanghai Tunnels and get sold for prostitution. My theory is that the Shanghai Tunnels were named because of their location under Portland, Oregon's Chinatown. The Shanghai Tunnels also provide tours of the Shanghai Tunnels. Their location is at Ankeny St. and Second St.

There is a girl, thought to be named Nina, who haunts the Shanghai Tunnels. She is often seen, and described, as a woman in white. People say that Nina did, in fact, die in the Shanghai Tunnels, and is said to have been wearing white when she died. The reason that people believe that this girls name is Nina, is because her apparition is frequently seen near to a brick in one of the tunnels, which has the name Nina carved into it. People say that this carving is from the time period that the horrible business “Shanghaiing” was going on. People also say that the ghosts of men who died in the Shanghai Tunnels haunt the tunnels. The reports of the ghosts of men haunting the Shanghai Tunnels aren't quite as popular as the ghost of Nina, or the woman in white. Nina has been one of the most sighted ghost in the Shanghai Tunnels.


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