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The Haunting of Simi Elementary
Simi Valley, California

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



Simi Elementary | Simi Valley, California
Apparition in Simi Elementary Auditorium
 Elementary | Simi Valley, California

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About Simi Elementary


Idk???? Posted: 03/26/2011
I go to school there and yesterday me and my friends were there at night and saw a shadow walking through the main hallway the hallway where the janitor hung himself
Vickie Posted: 08/26/2012
In the photo you will see a dark figure w/ a red orb walking towards the stairs.
Kpaiz Posted: 03/20/2013
I actually went to that school. MY friends and I went underneath the stage and we actually show a shadow behind my other friend. After that my friends said they saw something behind me. My friend were talking and i saw a shadow run across and leave after that my friends screamed bescause they saw a shadow on the wall. When we got out my friends saw three scratch marks on my cheek. I didnt see anything but I felt a buring feeling on my cheek. The next day we did a recording and we capture a name on it.

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