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The Haunting of Townsend Hotel
Casper, Wyoming

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



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About Townsend Hotel


The Townsend Hotel is a five story structure that was the location of several murders, one that occurred as recently as 1976. It was contracted by Charles H. Townsend (a pioneer, banker and businessman) to be constructed in 1923. It functioned as a center of cultural and political events in Casper. The Townsend was used by the commissioned officers and USO during World War II.

The Townsend Hotel is considered to be an architectural icon as well as being representative of the development of Casper's oil industry.

Paranormal Reports:

Some paranormal reports have claimed that the smell of coffee is prevalent on the upper floors despite the fact that the building is vacant, but spectral reenactments of the murders that took place at the Townsend Hotel are among the more sensational and interesting reports on file.


Get the owner's permission before visiting this location.


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