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The Haunting of Wells Elementary School
Tehachapi, California

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About Wells Elementary School


ghostofdawnBOOsfriend Posted: 08/13/2011
Well, I live like right down the road from Wells, and I have had some freaky experiences there. One time, my friend and I were walking past there and we were talking about going in there and about ghosts and stuff, then there was a BANG! and the window, as if he was telling us that he was there, or if he was angry. The town rumor about that place is that there was an earthquake, along time ago, and a little boy got trapped and he died there, and he is now haunting that place. And my friends have also had some experiences there also. They were sneaking out and they went to Wells, and Josee put her hands and face up against the window, and she saw hands, they weren't hers. Then my other friend did the same thing, and in the reflection of her face she saw another face.Janaitors that go in there say that they here footsteps, especially by the small memorial. And my friend Kaitlyn, went up on the roof, and there was noises, like bangs, footsteps, and voices, according to her, something kept telling her "get out..." From my experiences and my friends experiences there, its SERIOUSLY haunted.(:

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