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Baker Hollow Road Cemetery

Baker Hollow Road Cemetery

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Marion, KY 42064, USA

Baker Hollow Road Cemetery, Marion Kentucky

Baker Hollow Road Cemetery is located in the city of Marion, Kentucky. Marion is a small city in the county of Crittenden, which is in the far north-western part of Kentucky. The city of Marion, Kentucky itself is situated in the middle As of the year 2000, the population of Marion was 3,196. Marion, Kentucky is NOT located in Marion County.

Baker Hollow Road Cemetery has a couple of different haunts, but the first most interesting thing happens when one is looking for the cemetery. When you’re driving down Baker Hollow Road, the cemetery does not appear to be anywhere along the stretch, at first. People have said that if you drive all the way down to the end of Baker Hollow Road, and then turn around and go back down the road, one will be able to see the cemetery. Some report that when one gets close to Baker Hollow Road Cemetery, they will begin to feel an extreme feeling of sadness, and some may even begin to cry. When one gets to Baker Hollow Road Cemetery, a number of things may begin to happen. One may begin to hear music, laughter, screams, and on occasion, people have reported hearing thing trying to get into their vehicle. Sometimes, people have left Baker Hollow Road Cemetery with scratches or dents in their car that weren’t there before. Some have also seen apparitions of soldiers appearing to be in a war. Those who do actually find the cemetery have said that their car battery drained completely due to the high spiritual activity of the area.

The most well known haunting of Baker Hollow Road Cemetery is that of the “hellhound”, also known as the “hound of hell” or the cemetery’s “guardian dog”. This dog is supposed to have yellow eyes and black fur, closely resembling one of the Hounds of Hell from the Bible. The dog will make it’s first appearance along the side of Baker Hollow Road limping as if injured. You’re not supposed to pick to dog up, or help it, because if you do, you are then open to inviting spirits to come towards you and interact with you. When one doesn’t pick the dog up, it will continue walking away, but it will look behind itself to see if you’re following. This dog will move however you move, for example: You move right, it moves right, you go towards it faster, it moves away faster. At the end of Baker Hollow Road, there’s a fork in the road. The “hellhound” will cast the shadow of a demon before disappearing into the triangle at the fork. You cannot run over this “hellhound”.

Along the entire road, one may see crashed cars with people trapped inside wailing for help, or one’s dead family members calling out to them. Another odd thing that happens along the road is the changes of weather. One moment it may be raining off of the road, but when one turns onto the road, the rain might stop.

To get to Baker Hollow Road Cemetery, follow Sturgis Road off of North Main St. for about six miles. Turn right on Highway 365 and drive for about two miles. Turn right again on Baker Hollow Road, and try to find the cemetery. There doesn’t appear to be one on Google Maps.


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