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Baldpate Inn

Baldpate Inn


Located quite a distance outside of Estes Park, past Lily Lake in the Allenspark Fire District (watch for signs on the road).

The History:

The Baldpate Inn was built in 1919. Gorden and Ethel Mace homesteaded the land on which the Baldpate was built and originally just had a few small tourist cabins, but these were so successful that they decided to build the Inn. In order to save money, the couple built the hotel using wood from trees on the property to build the structure itself and stones on the property to build the fireplaces.

The Baldpate Inn was named after the the Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers. Apparently, the Balpate resembled the inn in the novel by Biggers very closely. In the novel, seven guests travel to the hotel in the wintertime when the hotel is rather "closed in". Each of the guests believes that he/she has the only key to the inn. To keep with the plot of this novel, the original owners of the Balpate gave each of their real guests their very own souvenir key to take with them. During World War I, the price of metal was so high that the Mace’s couldn’t afford to give away keys anymore. Regulars at the hotel were so disappointed that they started bringing keys to the Mace’s instead. This finally resulted in a very large key collection which is still on display at the inn.

The key collection at the Baldpate Inn in somewhat strange, somewhat silencing, somewhat surprising. It is rather unusual to run across a key collection of that size. It definitely contributes to the atmosphere at the Balpate.

The Haunting:

People have noted doors closing on their own, but those who have experience with the hotel attribute this to wind (or are afraid to admit of experiences with the paranormal).

Also, there have been reports of apparitions and poltergeist activity including glasses falling off tables.


The hotel is filled with antique furnishings. The floors are slightly off skew. The view is terrific. There was a great deal of activity at the hotel while we were there and so, though we took photos, it was hard to classify the "feel" of the hotel and even conjecture about whether or not it might be "haunted".


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