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Bell Bottom Bridge

Bell Bottom Bridge

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Marlin, TX 76661, USA

This is an unusually wide bridge to be out in the middle of nowhere on a narrow, creepy, cow trail of a road. It is off highway 7 out from Marlin, TX. in a very remote area. We were directed to the area first by a guy who lives in Waco and had been out there many times in the past. He stated that there is said to be an old and basically lost African-American cemetery in the area also and it is reputed to have had a suicde or two out there. This man went on to tell us that he and friends had been out there and had seen orbs float up from under the bridge and chase their vehicle. This same type of thing has also been reported by several other parties who report that the orbs are large and blue and resemble a cell with a nucleus in the middle.

Investigation Results: One particular night as 3 members of our group were out there we were in the midst of a turn in our truck and were sideways on the road, we were startled to see a huge blue orb floating down the center of the road headed towards our vehicle. It disappeared just as it got very close to us.


The Bell Bottom Bridge has at least one fascinating piece of folklore attached to it. The story is that there was a circus that went out of business in Marlin and the man who owned it could not afford to feed the circus animals anymore. So he set them free. A woman purportedly was impregnanted by the Panther Man (a sideshow freak from the circus) and gave birth to a human baby that looked like a panther and had claws. Because of the baby’s deformities, the woman drowned the baby in the Bell Bottom Creek and then hung herself from the bridge. A similar story about a deformed baby is told in Smyrna, Delaware at Cry Baby Bridge.

As far out as the story is about Bell Bottom Bridge, there are several other places in the United States with similar tales told about it. One is a place called Monkey Bridge or Thunder Bridge in Athens, Texas has a story similar to the one told about Bell Bottom Bridge. Another is Monkey Mountain in Weeping Water, Nebraska.


Marlin, TX Texas 76661, USA

Marlin, TX Texas 76661, USA

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  1. Went out to see if this was a farce 3/19/16 at around 2:30. As soon as we went over the bridge my right front tire got a puncture. Like my tire got knifed. We didn’t see orbs but felt a presence when changing tire.Take it for what you want but very strange tire escaping air as soon as we rolled over bridge. I did check out bridge no sharp objects on or near. Nothing.

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