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Bellevue East High School

Bellevue East High School

The History:

Located at 1401 High School Drive, Bellevue East High School was founded in 1962 as Bellevue High School. In 1977 it was renamed Bellevue East High School.

The Haunting:

Reports of paranormal activity have centered around the theater in the school as well as the bathrooms.


Many people report paranormal personal experiences in schools. Is this because young people are more sensitive and open-minded toward the paranormal and having personal experiences? Young people do make up the bulk of the population in school buildings. Or does the energy of a youthful population perhaps provoke paranormal activity?

Bellevue East High School is located just down the street from the John Rice Library, now named the Bellevue Public Library. This library is another reportedly haunted location in Bellevue.


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The following link is for the Bellevue East High School website:


Bellevue East High School, 1401 High School Drive, Bellevue, NE Nebraska 68005, USA

Bellevue East High School, 1401 High School Drive, Bellevue, NE Nebraska 68005, USA

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  1. A storage closet right outside the theater is where a girl once killed herself. If you knock three times on it, it will knock back. sometimes if you slam the door, she will do it right back. Also if you go up on the catwalk you will most likely see a figure running at you but it will disappear a few feet before it reaches you. Sources: I have done both of these things multiple times.

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