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Bridge in Refuge

Bridge in Refuge

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Refuge Road, Clanton, AL 35045, USA

Clanton, Alabama

Bridge in Refuge

The Refuge Bridge haunt is pretty intense.

The bridge in Refuge appears to be haunted. It is a one-lane bridge located in a very isolated place. People who visit the bridge in Refuge report balls of light and feelings like someone is following them. The ghost at Refuge Bridge is somewhat of a sinister presence. A lot of visitors to the bridge don’t really want to get out of the car.

I’ve heard some people say that they’ve seen a strange fog at Refuge Bridge. The fog will actually follow you if you walk around a little bit. If you were brave enough to get out of your car and walk around and then you get back in your car, sometimes, the car will shake and rock violently as though someone is on the outside pushing against the car back and forth.

Take a look at Cry Baby Creek in nearby Greenville, Alabama as well if you’re going to Refuge. The true story behind this place is gruesome and grizzly.


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Refuge Road, Clanton, AL Alabama 35045, USA

Refuge Road, Clanton, AL Alabama 35045, USA

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