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Brittany Hill

Brittany Hill

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 9350 Grant Street, Thornton, CO 80229, USA


Located at 9350 Grant St. in Thornton, CO.


Folklore about Brittany Hill includes legend of a man who was disloyal to his wife. His wife then jumped from the tower and subsequently, he decided to hang himself in the tower.

Apparently, this location was closed down in 2007. We have not been able to find out if it has definitively been reopened or not based on our web research.


Apparitions of a man holding his wife in his arms have been reported as well as apparitions of two ghostly figures in the tower.


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  1. This property was built in the early 1980s as a destination restaurant. I know, I went there in the first months it was open. It was never a house/mansion. It’s been closed for years at a time before, but it’s always been a restaurant/events center.

    • Um no I go to thornton high school and you are wrong I have been then my family know the owners very well the suicide was ver devastating. Yes its haunted.

      • No offense, but where you go to high school is irrelevant. Contact Adams County public records. This property was privately owned in the early 1980s and the owners allowed the public to use the land for four wheeling. It wasn’t until the land was obtained from the county and auctioned off that the RESTAURANT – not a mansion – was built in 1983. There are no documented records of suicide on the property, something that can also be verified with Adams County. So whoever these “owners” are who are claiming devastation are quite frankly telling you a tale. Again, contact Adams County. This is all documented historical factual information. The suicide/mansion/hauntings are just stories made up for publicity which unfortunately hasn’t worked. If you want a real Colorado ghost story, look up the Woodglenn Park haunting story.

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