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Buffalo Bill Cody’s House

Buffalo Bill Cody’s House

Located at 2921 Scouts Rest Ranch Road in North Platte.

The History:

William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody was a showman, army scout, and buffalo hunter. Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park, which includes Buffalo Bill’s ornate Victorian house, was built in 1886 and 1887. Originally, the ranch spread out across 4,000 acres. Currently, the historical park includes 25 acres of the original 4,000.

The Haunting:

Reports of an apparition in an upstairs window. Apparently, the apparition can be observed from outside the house.

We were able to interview some reliable “inside sources” regarding the Buffalo Bill Cody house. These individuals were credible adults who made claims that the Buffalo Bill Cody house is indeed “haunted” or at least host to a variety of ongoing paranormal phenomena. Our interviewees claimed that, specifically, one unnerving incident that has occurred more than once is the sound of voices coming from a particular corner in the house when no one is there. Drawers and cupboards are found open in certain areas of the house as well. The smell of smoke has also been reported in the house even though there is no smoking permitted inside.


It was a very snowy day when we visited Buffalo Bill Cody’s house the first time. The second time we visited this location is was raining heavily. The Buffalo Bill Cody house contains period furniture as well as memorabilia connected to the Wild West Show that made Buffalo Bill Cody famous. The Scout’s Rest Ranch, also located on the property is a very large barn wherein the horses were housed. The Scout’s Rest Ranch contains tools, machinery, photographs and more that pertain to the Wild West Show and Buffalo Bill Cody and his family.


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