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Caryville Church and Schoolhouse

Caryville Church and Schoolhouse

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  • Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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  • Address: Caryville, WI 54739, USA

Caryville, Wisconsin

Historic Church and Schoolhouse Information:

A number of Caryville locals are “fed up” with ghost hunters and legend trippers, so beware if you decide to start asking questions. Primarily, Caryville residents have become tired of the vandalism that has become rampant at locations that are considered haunted in the area.

There was never a boy who froze to death inside the old schoolhouse. There was, however, a boy named David who died while he was a student at the school. But he died of Polio at the hospital.

There is no record of a priest hanging himself in the belfry of the old Lutheran church. Indeed, Lutheran churches do not have “priests”. Some locals have claimed that a priest hung himself in the belfry of the old church because he was upset that there were plans to sell the schoolhouse across the street. There is no record of this death, however.

Paranormal investigators, Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk investigated the church and schoolhouse in Caryville and gave it a “Not Haunted” grade.

Police will not hesitate to write a ticket (with a hefty fine attached) for anyone caught trespassing at the church and schoolhouse in Caryville and folks living nearby readily call the police if they see anything strange going on at this location. Get permission to visit the Caryville church and schoolhouse.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Church and Schoolhouse in Caryville, Wisconsin:

The ghost of a young boy is said to haunt the schoolhouse. Legends say that this boy was trying to escape an abusive father and froze to death inside the school sitting at his desk. Legend trippers claim that if you sit at his desk, you can feel his spirit “pass through you”.

Some people have claimed to be able to see the silhouette of a priest hanging in the window of the belltower at the church.


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