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Cornstalk Harvest Festival-Haunted Forest and Village

Cornstalk Harvest Festival-Haunted Forest and Village

Located at Cornstalk Farms in Grant, Nebraska.

The History:

The Haunted Forest is a line of cedar and deciduous trees that was planted as a wind break over 30 years ago. The trees were left untouched for 30 years by the current owners of the land.

Cornstalk Farms is located relatively close to Wild Horse Springs which was once an important water source for the pioneers who settled here. The Texas Trail went through the area only about 1 mile down the road from the Haunted Forest.

The Haunting:

The area near the ticket booth has been report to have the strongest energy. Near the ticket booth, there was apparently a house under a big tree that was burned to the ground sometime before the current owners took possession of the land. A variety of small items can still be found by digging in the ground near the Haunted Forest entrance. Primarily there have been reports of a man who died of a heartattack about 2 miles down the road in a field he was working in on that day. Efforts to revive this man were unsuccessful. He appears to the family members typically, wearing a green hat and overalls. He tends to stay on the “festival path” or the path that goes through the village and then down the path to the haunted forest. He reportedly visited his wife on the day after his death and “sat at the foot of her bed and talked” about “things that he just felt he needed to say to me.” His wife, who lived in the house next door to the farm, reported that he appeared to her as a shadowy but shimmery figure the day after his death.

There have also been reports of a female presence near the big tree.

Reports abound of strange activities and sounds in the Haunted Forest. Generally staff do not go out to the forest alone, but always take someone with them.


This is private property, obtain permission before visiting this location. It is open to the public in September and October. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Because this is a festival grounds, there is a lot of energy generated annually at this location anyway.

Because Wild Horse Springs is somewhat close to the property, settlers likely passed through the property regularly on their way to obtain water for their homes and families. One hired hand discovered a very old woman’s boot on the one of the fields near the farm. Also, the fact that the Texas Trail passes through very near to Cornstalk Farms is historically significant.

The entity that is often seen out of the corner of one’s eye seems to be associated strongly with the family more than the land. However the female presence seems to be attached perhaps to the old house that was burned down.


Investigative interviews with current owners.


Grant NE Nebraska United States

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