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Crawford Road Cry Baby Bridge | Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge | Crawford Road Crybaby Bridge

Crawford Road Cry Baby Bridge | Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge | Crawford Road Crybaby Bridge

Yorktown, Virginia:

Yorktown is located in York County, Virginia. It is a census-designated place and the county seat of York County which is home to approximately 67,000 residents.

Location of Cry Baby Bridge:

Crawford Road in Yorktown is a winding, one-lane road with trees on both sides. The bridge itself is covered with graffiti.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge:

Yorktown is famous as the location where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington and the French Fleet during the American Revolutionary War on October 19, 1781. During the American Civil War, Yorktown served as an important port providing supplies to both the north and the south, depending on which side held Yorktown at the time.

One tale about Cry Baby Bridge claims that a young black woman was getting ready for her wedding. She didn’t want to marry the man who was going to be her husband and so she hung herself at the bridge.

Another story makes the claim that some black men were hung off the bridge by the Ku Klux Klan.

Yorktown locals say that a number of murder victims have been deposited under the bridge.

Ghosts of Cry Baby Bridge:

Rumors of a haunted vehicle that chases people down Crawford Road have circulated in the area. Some say that if you park under the bridge and then shut off the car and the lights, that angry disembodied voices can be heard. Apparitions of lynched slaves have also been reported hanging from the bridge.

Visitors have reported feeling a strong sense of dread, chills, and goosebumps on the bridge. Electronic devices have also malfunctioned while on, near, or under the bridge along Crawford Road. Sometimes people have reported strange and inexplicable car problems while near the bridge.

The apparition of a woman dressed all in white has been reported standing on top of the bridge at times, or hanging as though from an ethereal noose at others. Sometimes people report seeing something strange in the middle of the road too. In fact, locals say that these supernatural objects may be the cause of accidents along the road that have sometimes resulted in the deaths of drivers.

Photos taken at Cry Baby Bridge have had orbs and other strange abnormalities in them.


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