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Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion

Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Denver, CO, USA

The Mansion was built by Thomas Croke, a Denver merchant who also served as Colorado State Senator. Mr Croke sold the Mansion one year later in 1892 to Thomas Patterson. Mr. Patterson served in the US Congress from 1877-1879 then later served in the Senate from 1901-1907. After which he ran the Rocky Mountain News until 1913. Mr. Patterson had a daughter named Marget who married a man named Richard Campbell. Mr. Campbell was a Denver finance man who ended up working for his family-in-law.
Marget and Mr. Campbell lived with her father, thus the name Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion.

Some say after the Mansion was built Mr. Croke entered the house and quickly left and to never return. They say he was so frightened of what happened.

The previous owners in the 1970’s were experiencing unexplained things in the Mansion. The owner got 3 guard dogs, Dobermans. Upon coming back the next morning and finding 2 dogs outside on the sidewalk dead. It was said that something so frightful scared the dogs, and they jumped to there deaths from the 3rd story window. The 3rd dog was found hiding in corner shaking, drooling and sitting in a poodle of his own waste. ( sad story)
A child passed away in the nursery on the 3rd story, over commend from depression the mother committed suicide.

The Man they call him “Willie”. A satanist , or they call him “A really Evil Man” . He would kidnap, and torture people well “His Victims” . Willie would take them and lour them into the Carriage House were he would use his victims in his satanic rituals. Up stairs of the Carriage house at the top of the stairs were there is a brick wall and a metal beam sticking out of the top, is said to be were he would hang his victims, this is were the torture started. Then he would chop the bodies up and go to the basement and transport the bodies threw the tunnel that connects from the basement of the Carriage House to the basement of the main house.

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