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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Saraland, Alabama:

How to Get to Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland, Alabama:

Once you get to Saraland, Alabama turn off of Kali Oka Road and continue around Dead Man’s Curve, heading toward Kali Oka Plantation. Be wary of the treacherous winding roads in this area. People drive fast according to some reports, so be cautious while investigating this location.

Interesting Facts Pertaining to Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland, Alabama:

Similar to the Cry Baby Bridge in Clanton, Alabama, the story told for the bridge in Saraland is that a young woman with a baby was being pursued on foot by soldiers. She put her baby under the bridge in an effort to hide it.

The original Cry Baby Bridge of Saraland is purportedly collapsed. It is supposedly located near the new bridge, about a mile away on the logging trail/mill road, but this is gated off and overgrown with brush.  One source claims that you can find it by following an overgrown trail that runs by the creek until there is a dead end. There are numerous gates and No Trespassing signs apparently. This is the location of the old Cry Baby Bridge where the woman is said to have hidden her baby.

Some people believe that the sound of the baby’s cries are actually due to wind blowing through the pipes under the bridge.

Ghosts of Cry Baby Bridge:

Put a candy bar on the bridge and then turn around or walk away. When you return, the candy bar will be gone, according to some reports. Some visitors have also reported seeing the apparition of a baby or hearing the disembodied sounds of an infant crying. Paranormal activity at the bridge is at its peak at the full moon according to those who have been to the bridge a number of times. People who have experienced paranormal phenomena at the bridge recommend taking a flashlight with fresh batteries to the location and waiting quietly and patiently on the night of a full moon.

Ghosts at Kali Oka Plantation (also known as Oak Grove Plantation), located nearby are sometimes blamed for the paranormal events that take place at this location. The apparition of a large African American man as well as a woman in white have been reported at the plantation and sometimes along Kali Oka Road near Cry Baby Bridge. The woman was the master of the house and the man was her lover. Their affair was discovered by the master of the house and the slave’s hands were cut off and he was left to die. Later, the woman discovered that she was pregnant. When she delivered the baby, she took him to the river and drowned him, which is why some people claim the sound of a baby’s cries are often heard at this location.

Many visitors have reported that the lights on their car will malfunction while traveling across the bridge. Others claim that after leaving their car, they find it moved to a different location inexplicably at the bridge.

Cemeteries such as Mauville Cemetery along Kali Oka Road are also considered to be haunted by many.


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