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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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Helltown, Ohio

Cry Baby Bridge

Helltown, Ohio:

Helltown is located in Boston Township in Summit County, Ohio.

Cry Baby Bridge Location:

The Cry Baby Bridge is located on Boston Mills Road leading into Boston Township near Helltown, Ohio. The Presbyterian Church is another haunt located along this same road.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge in Helltown, Ohio:

Helltown is the site of numerous hauntings. There are tales of Satanists, mutants, and ghosts in various locations as well as the Cry Baby Bridge. Many of the legends surrounding the community are the result of the prolific number of empty buildings from the period of time when homes were being seized during the designation of the Cuyahoga National Park.

Nearby by Helltown haunts include the Stanford Road-Highway to Hell location where a steep hill and precipitous drop off on the road has become known to locals as The End of the World. An old abandoned school bus at the end of this road was often blamed for the haunting. Locals claimed to see the apparition of someone in the bus who was smoking a cigarette. The bus is no longer there, unfortunately, but the ghost stories remain. The Boston cemetery is a site where locals claim to see the apparition of a man, a mysterious tree that “moves” and grave robbers.

Two other strange stories about Helltown factor in prominently to the spookiness of this location. Helltown locals claim that Satanists practice animal sacrifice at a nearby Presbyterian church on Boston Mills Road (the same road occupied by Cry Baby Bridge). Some say that black hooded people would stop cars passing along the road at night. Some stories claim that the black hooded figures belong to the KKK. Escaped mental patients are also said to roam about Boston Mills Road at night looking for hapless victims.

And finally, Helltown locals talk of the chemical spill or explosion (usually involving butane) that set off a chain reaction of events that lead to the development/growth of a giant snake called the Peninsula Python. There never actually was a chemical/butane plant in the area, but the myth about the snake dates as far back as the 1940’s.  

The Cry Baby Bridge tale is rather tame up against some of the others stories told about haunted places in Helltown. Locals claim that a baby was thrown over the bridge into the Cuyahoga River below and died. There are few details to beef up the story, but who needs gory details in a place called Helltown.

The Helltown Cry Baby Bridge does not have the same sinister look as old iron or wooden bridges that dot the landscape. It was constructed in 1999 and has a decidedly “new” appearance to it. Paranormally-speaking however, the good news is that this newer bridge was constructed to replace a much older, weather bridge that had been severely damaged by the elements. The new, concrete bridge was constructed using the original support system that was used for the worn out original.

Ghosts of Helltown, Ohio:

In order to experience something paranormal at the Helltown Cry Baby Bridge, you must first and foremost, bring along a spare set of car keys to perform an experiment. The experiment must be performed in the dark of night. The car must be parked on the bridge and turned off. The other set of car keys should be in the driver’s pocket. The driver and passengers should then get out of the car, lock the doors and walk away from Cry Baby Bridge and wait for a short, unspecified length of time before returning to the car. According to Helltown locals, upon returning the car will be running and there will be child’s footprints in the dusty earth beneath the car.


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Boston Mills Road Helltown OH Ohio United States

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