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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: Anderson, IN, USA

Anderson, Indiana:

Anderson is located in the central part of the state in Madison County. It is a city of about 56,000 residents.

Cry Baby Bridge Location:

Cry Baby Bridge is located on County Road 675 East near Anderson, Indiana. The bridge is purportedly located southeast of Pendleton and south of Anderson. The address of Cry Baby Bridge is N 675 E & E 950 in Wilkinson, Indiana according to some locals.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge:

Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson is said, according to one story, to be the place where a baby was thrown from a vehicle in a car accident. In another story, a woman threw her baby over the edge of the bridge.

Be aware that residents living near Cry Baby Bridge may call the police if there is activity late at night at this location due to the fact that there are problems with vandalism in the area.

Ghosts of Cry Baby Bridge:

Anderson locals have reported hearing the disembodied sounds of a baby crying at the bridge, followed by the sounds of water splashing below the bridge. Paranormal activity tends to be strongest around midnight and people who are wanting to have a paranormal experience should turn the engine of their car off.

Other Related Haunts:

Hays Cemetery, also known as Main Street Graveyard is located just down the road from Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson, Indiana. Other haunts in Anderson, Indiana include:

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675 E & E 950 Anderson IN Indiana United States

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