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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Location of Cry Baby Bridge:

The Cry Baby Bridge is on High Shoals Road south of Anderson near Pine Lake Golf Club. At the High Shoals point, the road crosses the Rocky River and the bridge spans this waterway.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson, South Carolina:

This particular bridge was built in Virginia in 1919. It was originally installed in the Charleston area to connect two counties together. In 1952, the bridge was moved to Anderson to replace an older bridge. It is an old, rusty, iron railed bridge. A cement bridge that was built in the 1980’s runs beside the old iron-railed model.

Cry Baby Bridge is 194 feet long and 17 feet wide. The bridge was once located near a grist mill that was under the bridge along the Rocky River until the mid-1840’s. Some time later, in 1894, the grist mill was replaced by an electrical plant that was built by W. C. Whitner.

Anderson locals claim that there was a car accident at the bridge. A woman and her young baby died in the accident. Some say that the woman was driving a car, while other say that the woman and child were in a carriage.

Another story about the bridge is that a woman tossed her baby over the bridge after her husband died in the Civil War.

Ghost at Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson, South Carolina:

According to local lore, if you cross the haunted bridge halfway and repeat a particular set of words (“I killed your baby” or “cry baby cry”), the disembodied sound of a ghostly infant can be heard. Some people also report hearing the eerie sound of a woman crying or a ghost car that passes over the bridge.

A woman dressed entirely in white has also been reported floating near the bridge, purportedly looking for her lost baby. To increase the chances of seeing an apparition, Andersonites say that it is best to visit during the full moon at midnight. Turn off the car, get out, and put the keys on the hood of the car. Then say the “magic” words. Then, according to some sources, the doors may lock spontaneously and the apparition of the woman may appear. Later, the car may not start, or certain functions on the car may not work (like the headlights, for example).

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