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Cry Baby Creek | Crybaby Creek | Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Creek | Crybaby Creek | Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Pageland, South Carolina:

Pageland is located in the north central part of the state in Chesterfield County. It is a small town with about 2,500 residents.

Cry Baby Creek Bridge Location:

Cry Baby Creek Bridge spans Flat Creek  on Old Flat Creek Hill on the old highway near Pageland, South Carolina. The Cry Baby Creek Bridge is adjacent to the Forty Acre Rock Park.

Using GPS to find Cry Baby Creek Bridge, park your car at N 34 39.351′W080 30.955′. Then, hike into the woods along the trail road. Be wary of snakes and remember, the bridge is really old and rickety. Exercise caution!

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Creek Bridge:

The story about Cry Baby Creek Bridge is that a young mother and her baby were traveling home on Highway 601 late at night. She was excited to see her husband who had been away at war. He would be arriving home the next day. She had not seen him in years. In her excitement over their reunion, she went over the bridge at Flat Creek too fast and she and her baby were thrown from the vehicle. Though she could hear the infant crying, she couldn’t find it. Eventually, the crying stopped completely.

Another story about the haunted bridge claims that the baby and the mother both died in the accident.

Ghosts at Cry Baby Creek Bridge:

People have reported having car problems at the bridge. Sometimes their car will not start after it is turned off. The disembodied sound of a baby crying has also been reported.

Other Related Haunts:

Gregory’s Graveyard is located near the Pageland, South Carolina Cry Baby Creek Bridge.


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  1. This story isn’t what is going around the town of Pageland, S.C The legend that was told to me, was that the mother, the father, and the baby were traveling South up 601 & their car turned off. While, the husband went outside of the car and popped the hood, everything got quiet and the mother was worried, so then she opened the door and stepped outside of the vehicle. She so happened to turn around and see her husband hanging from the bridge. All of the sudden, the cars lights started & the car starts to roll backwards, as the mother tries to get into the car, it flips over the side of the bridge…

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