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Cry Baby Hollow | Crybaby Hollow

Cry Baby Hollow | Crybaby Hollow

Crocker, Missouri:

Crocker is located in the central part of the state in Pulaski County. It is a small town of only about 1,000 residents.

Cry Baby Hollow Location:

Cry Baby Hollow is located outside of Crocker, Missouri on DD Highway.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Hollow:

According to one story about Cry Baby Hollow, a pregnant woman was purportedly hiking near Cry Baby Hollow and fell into a ravine. This is why there is paranormal activity at the location.

Another story about this location is that a woman was traveling in a wagon many years ago with her small baby. The wagon turned over and the baby fell out. The mother and child were both trampled to death.

Carriage overturn tales attached to Cry Baby Bridges (or bridges that go by other names) are somewhat common actually, perhaps because these things really did happen. For example, in Everett Historic District in Ohio at the haunted Everett Covered Bridge, a husband and wife slid into the river as they were riding home in a sleigh. The husband died and the woman survived this accident, but the bridge has been haunted ever since. Pageland, South Carolina Cry Baby Creek Bridge is another location with a similar story, but without the solid historical evidence to back it up.

Cry Baby Hollow in Hartselle, Alabama has the same name as this haunt in Crocker, Missouri, but it has a very dark and gruesome true story attached to it. Since it shares the same name with this Crocker, Missouri location, it might be worth checking out.

Ghosts at Cry Baby Hollow:

Crocker locals claim that between the hours of 11:50 PM and 12:20 AM, it is possible to see a flash of light and hear the disembodied sounds of a baby crying. Disembodied sounds of a woman crying out for her child have also been reported.

Some Crocker, Missouri locals have also reported the presence of red glowing eyes at the Cry Baby Hollow. Car problems are common at this location including flat tires, wrecks, and sometimes even scratches on the side of the vehicle.

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Crocker MO Missouri United States

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