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Dark Park | Crown Continental Park

Dark Park | Crown Continental Park

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Washington, DC, USA

Hazel Dell, Washington

Hazel Dell is an unincorporated area in Clark County, Washington located north and west of Vancouver, Washington. The area is parallel to and cut in half by Interstate 5. The south side of Hazel Dell is bordered by the Vancouver city limits with Burnt Bridge Creek as the natural physical boundary.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Crown Continental Park | Dark Park in Hazel Dell, Washington:

The ghosts of two young boys reportedly haunt Crown Continental Park, locally known as “Dark Park” in Hazel Dell, Washington near Vancouver. The two male ghosts purportedly have been observed primarily within the wooded areas of the park. Some visitors have reported hearing disembodied footsteps at this location.

Some people report that Crown Continental (aka “Dark Park”) has been confused with David Douglas Park in Vancouver, Washington nearby. Two young boys were murdered here in 1989. Cole and William (Billy) Neer were kidnapped and killed in a wooded area near David Douglas Park. Dodd simply stopped the boys one evening as they hurriedly made their way through the wooded area at David Douglas Park on bicycles. He had staked out the area for quite some time looking for young victims, but each time he sited one, they were under the watch of an adult. These two boys were late for dinner, but Dodd had stepped out into the path and told them to stop and to “come with him.” They complied, not understanding. Two teenagers walked by and Dodd told them to be silent and they were. He took them into a heavily wooded area and tied their hands together and told one of them to pull his pants down. They thought perhaps that if they did what he asked, that he would then let them go home. Dodd ended up stabbing the boys and then leaving them to bleed to death in the woods near David Douglas Park. After the incident Vancouver parents rallied to keep watch over paths used by children and urged the young to stay out of isolated places. So the story has become legendary and, at some point perhaps confused with “Dark Park” in Hazel Dell.

Dark Park has been described as “enchanted” and “evil”. Some make the claim that Dark Park is host to faeries or goblins perhaps. Some claim that a boy was murdered at Dark Park by bludgeoning with a shovel or a skateboard perhaps in the late 1990’s. His body, according to these reports was then thrown in a dumpster. Locals warn visitors to beware of the homeless and “tweekers”, as these folks can pose real and imminent danger to “normals”. Although we have not officially verified this information, some claim that rapes and murders have occurred in the downhill, wooded areas of the park so keep your wits about you if you visit this location. Various amateur ghost hunters have visited the Crown Continental Park and reported orbs and strong feelings of being watched. Dark Park is closed at night and people live on site to watch over the property, so get permission before visiting this location.


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NE 105th St. Hazel Dell WA Washington United States

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