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Deming School

Deming School


Although one report regarding Deming School asserted that it looked like a “German Crematory”, it was not our sense that this was true. Deming School is nestled into a quiet residential area in Chcyenne. It was one of the less creepy looking schools we’ve seen in our travels, which really has no bearing on whether or not it is host to paranormal activities, but still worth noting.

Deming Elementary School serves grades K-3.

When we photographed the school, a female inside looked out through an open window and waved warmly at us. It was not a ghost, but nevertheless surprising.

Paranormal Reports:

Shadow people have been reported for this location as well as disembodied sounds. Paranormal activity reported to occur at Deming School also includes electrical phenomena such as flickering lights and strange noises.


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715 West 5th Avenue, Cheyenne, WY Wyoming 82001, USA

715 West 5th Avenue, Cheyenne, WY Wyoming 82001, USA

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