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Devil’s Stairs | Devil Stairs

Devil’s Stairs | Devil Stairs

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: North Carolina, USA

Warensville, North Carolina

Information about the Devil Stairs | Devil’s Stairs:

The Devil Stairs (aka Devil’s Stairs) is located along N.C. 88 just east of Warensville, North Carolina.

The Devil’s Stairs (or Devil Stairs, whichever you prefer), got its name after the Norfolf and Western Railway extended its rail line into Ashe County, North Carolina in 1914. In order to extend the railway, some of the rock had to be dynamited and after the explosion some of the leftover rock formations resembled stairs leading up the side of the mountain. They were, according to one resource, named the “Devil’s” Stairs because at least one construction worker and perhaps more were killed in the dynamite blast that created the stairs.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Devil Stairs | Devil Stairs in Warensville, North Carolina:

Warensville locals claim that the apparition of a girl in a prom dress has been observed in this area. According to some stories, folks will pull over to pick up the girl, she will get into the car, but then disappears when drivers pull over to let her out. Yet another story, which is similar, makes the claim that years ago, after a church service on a rainy night a preacher saw a hitchhiker on the road near the Devil’s Stairs. The minister picked up the hitchhiker, who was wearing a long black trench coat with a hood. After the hitchhiker got into the car, the preacher looked into the rear-view mirror several times, but was never able to see his face. Finally, he turned around directly to look at the man’s face, whereupon he saw the man’s red glowing eyes that were as large as fists. The preacher abruptly pulled over to let the strange hitchhiker out of the car, but when he pulled over, the man had disappeared.

A number of Warensville locals have reported seeing various apparitions near the Devil Stairs as well as on the road nearby. Some say that they’ve seen various random ghosts in the back seat of their car while driving near the Devil Stairs in Warensville, North Carolina.


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  1. What I can tell you is that your map at the top of the page is not even close to Warrensville, NC.

    • The map is movable, just drag it

  2. *Warrensville


  3. There is another story about a young girl, who had a baby, and could not take care of it, so one night she went to the Devil Stairs and dropped the baby in the river. But then had second thoughts about what she had done, and went to try and save the baby, and drown herself. Now on rainy nights, if you stop at the bridge and you can hear a sound that sounds like a baby crying. When you look over the bridge in the water, you can see a shadow of a woman holding a baby. Then the crying stops and the shadow disappears.

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