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Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive

Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive

Marysville, Washington

Stanwood Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive Information:

Part of the Stanwood Fire Trail Road in Marysville, Washington is on the Tulalip Indian Reservation. According to one source, Fire Trail Road was built to allow access to fire trucks so that they could fight fires in the wooded areas. Fire Trail Road/Marysville-Pilchuk Road/Marine View Drive begins with a large hill and continues until it intersects with 56th Avenue. Some reports say that the road continues until it ends at 4th Street in Marysville. The road has been referred to as Fire Trail Road, Marysville-Pilchuck Road and Marine View Drive in various reports.

One resource said that the part of Marine View Drive that has developed a reputation for being haunted can be found by following the 116th Street Exit just north of Marysville. Then, take a right at Donna’s Truck Stop and follow the road that is just beside the freeway heading North. When you reach the light, take a left and follow this road (Marine View Drive aka Fire Trail Road).

Some reports indicate that the name of the road may be Marine Drive and that Marine View Drive is a different road entirely, located in Everett, Washington. A little exploration using the above information would probably reveal the correct name of the road and its location.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Stanwood Fire Trail Road |Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive in Marysville, Washington:

Locals report seeing apparitions along the road at various locations. In particular they report seeing the apparitions of Native Americans.

Some have reported “Stick Indians” or little men made of sticks with glowing red eyes.

Also of interest is the Fire Trail Ghost. The Fire Trail Ghost is a protective entity, according to reports. Local lore claims that the Fire Trail Ghost is the spirit of a man who was driving too fast along the graveled portion of Fire Trail Road. His car went off the road into one of the swamps nearby, wherein he drowned. Some people claim that this incident occurred at Cummings Lake aka Dead Man’s Pond.

The Fire Trail Walker is considered a separate and different spiritual energy from the Fire Trail Ghost . This apparition is seen simply walking alongside the road from time to time.

Ghost lights have been reported to appear at the crest of a certain hill along the road. They appear as a glowing ball of light that disappears after floating above the ground for 20-30 seconds. The ghost lights are attributed to either the death of a Tulalip Indian Chief in the vicinity, who now uses an ethereal lantern to search for his murderers or the Fire Trail Ghost who roams about trying to warn drivers of the dangers of the road.

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  1. correction: the road isn’t “Marine View Dr” but ”
    Marine Dr” (I know I live there)…Cummings Lake is located on 140th st NW & has much more going on there (I won’t elaborate) than you describe, it warrants further investigation by you or others with paranormal experience.

    • I agree Jazz, I live on marine and meridian and travel marine to kayak point and I have seen strange things, I always wrote it off as being tired from just getting off of work. This TOTALLY explains it. And the feeling that sometimes there’s someone in my blazer with me while driving 140th/fireside TOWARDS Marysville!

  2. When we were in high school, we use to hang out on fire trail Rd to watch for the spirits. It was fun to scare ourselves. Took my nieces and nephews out there when they got old enough to see the ghosts. So many good memories.

  3. Yes I’ve used this road many times but only during the day… I never liked using it at night unless it was absolutely necessary. Now I see why!

  4. I witnessed activity when I lived off Fire Trail Road, at 14yrs old while partying at an abandoned Native American grave yard on that road. It was wild to say the least.

  5. Firetrail rd. Is Marine Dr…

    Marine View Drive is in Everett…

    I grew up in that area and spent a lot of time on Firetrail Rd because there were a lot of secluded spots along it to park with a girl…

  6. Considering the number of deaths on this road it doesn’t surprise me.

  7. I too grew up out there, and all you list above is right when it comes to being haunted. I knew a few people growing up who have claimed to have seen the glowing light and the man who drown in the pond. I was always scared taking that shortcut at night.

  8. A few years ago, we read something about the Firetrail ghosts that said they had been seen running along side cars on the big hill. We didn’t know the area very well, so loaded up the kids and drove from Marysville out towards Kayak Point. As we started up the hill, our daughter, who was about 3 years old, started laughing and saying something about the “skeleton people”. She said they were following us. Now, we hadn’t said a word to her about the reported ghosts. She wasn’t even in the room when we were reading about it and decided to take our drive. But she was laughing and saying “Look at the skeleton people. They are following us!”. My wife and I were both pretty freaked out, so we pulled off the road to ask her what she was seeing and where they were. But as we slowed, she started to panic. “No Daddy! Don’t go slow! They’re coming!! They’re going to get us!!!” I’m not sure if I even checked for traffic before I pulled back on the road, pedal to the floor. I still get shivers thinking about it…

  9. About a month my daughter, who is 11, told me about something she saw on the bus when it was going up fire starts as- There where these white round circle of light and as quick as i saw them they where gone, in it place was a tall thin man that looked like he was running.
    She told a friend on the bus but they didn’t believe her. I didn’t think anything about it, but after reading this story, and the scarey part it’s not the first time she said something like this about seeing something while on this road and we drive it all the time.

  10. This area has always been known for the ghostly activities. A boy that went all thru school with a bunch of us was killed out there. RIP b.c.

  11. Wow! I’ve always told my story about the glowing lights, but noone has believed me. Glad to know it wasn’t just me that saw the. I must have been twenty something when we parked to drink and smoke at the very spot that others had seen the lights! We were parked on the gravel road, As you come up to the road that veers off to the left heading West we were parked on the second hill facing East. We turned out all the lights and waited. We had seen a few cars, but they were still on the main road and did not turn where we were parked . Just around midnight as We were looking out the windshield of the car a bright light appeared below the hill, like a car coming. Being afraid it might be a cop, we all looked to see. Then a circular ball of light flew fast towards us and over the car and vanished behind us where the swamp is. The hair on our necks stood up and we took off location ke we were on fire! Never again will I go there and test my fate! Stay away! Evil Spirits live there and have control.

  12. So they didn’t mention the church that is said to appear or the firefighters ghosts. They left out quite a few.

  13. Would really like if someone who lives out there would contact us about all the experiences you have had or have heard of in this location….thanks ~~SJ Wells Ghost Advocates RAW

    • I live here last twenty years. A couple of years ago I was driving home from work and was by the lake and something grabbed the back of my head. I was alone.

  14. I have seen headlights disappear many times on this road! They’d be coming at you and then just disappear! There were no roads for them to turn off on and no where they could have went! So creepy!

  15. I also grew up out there and remember that the light was supposed to be a fireman who had a lantern o n his firetruck….buggy that was killed and he is just patroling up and down looking for the next 3 alarm fire .

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