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Fred Meyer Shoe Department and Stock room

Fred Meyer Shoe Department and Stock room


Auburn is a community of about 70,000 residents located 20 miles south of Seattle in King County, Washington. It is generally considered to be a suburb of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area.

Auburn, Washington was originally named Slaughter, Washington after a man know as Lt. William Slaughter. Appropriately, given his name, he died in a fight with the Natives in 1855.

Today, Muckleshoot Indian Reservation is located within the Auburn city limits.

Slaughter, Washington was renamed Auburn, Washington on February 21, 1893.

Fred Meyers are a chain of department stores located in the Washington area. The shoe department is located in one area of the Fred Meyer’s store. One source (Northwest Hauntings) reported that there is cemetery located “across the street”. We have not confirmed this yet, however.

Paranormal Reports:

Unexplained noises have been reported. Objects reportedly move on their own.


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801 Auburn Way N Auburn WA Washington United States

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  1. Yes there is a cemetary across the street from fred meyers it is my local grocery store

    • Yes there is and I lived in the apartments that are on the same site as the cemetery for many years and still have family living there. Over the years I and my family have seen a lot of different strange and sometimes scary things. Also over 20 years ago before Fred Meyer’s was built. The site was a homeless camp where a very close friend of the family died…

  2. There is an old cemetery across the street, The incidents happen in more areas than just the shoe department. I’ve worked at the auburn fred Meyer for 8 years now and in fact just left there. A girl who works in apparel told me tonight that things kept happening and she said to a coworker “I think this place might be haunted” and the coworker said “yeah, it is, haven’t you heard?” And she went on to explain things that have happened to her including a cart after closing that moved out of an aisle like someone was pushing it but the girl working that area wasn’t near that aisle and knew nothing about it. Another thing happens where people get hit by shoes that “fall” too forcefully to have naturally fallen. We’ve heard footsteps when nobody is on the other side of the stockroom in every stockroom in the store. There’s an area in the grocery stockroom that has chains and employees have heard and seem the chains rattle when they are the only ones in the room. In the deli seating area sometimes chairs fall for no reason. Clothes move on racks like someone is rifling through them. One person said they were in the upper area of the apparel stockroom and saw a man staring at her through a 4×4 rack but when managers and security searched the area there was nobody there. And when your in the lower apparel stockroom you can hear footsteps above your head when nobody is in there.

    Honestly, I’m mostly a skeptic but once seem some weird unexplained stuff in the last 8 years..

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