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Fuller Park

Fuller Park

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Gibson Road, Athens, TX 75751, USA

Fuller Park

Athens, Texas:

Athens is a city of about 13,000 residents. In December of 2011, the city was targeted by a national atheist foundation for putting up a Christian Christmas display at the East Texas courthouse square. Before the season ended, the nativity on display had been defaced and vandalized.

Where is Fuller Park located?

Fuller Park is located off of Gibson Road in Athens, Texas. Athens is located about 50 miles southeast of Dallas, TX.

Fuller Park Information:

The Fuller Family Cemetery is located within Fuller Park. There are only two people who are buried in the cemetery: Medford Lee Fuller (1975-1944) and his wife Virginia McClelland Fuller (birthdate unknown-1938). Medford Fuller was the reverend for the First Baptist Church for 25 years. The graves, which are enclosed within the confined of four posts made of iron ore (also known as “virgin stone) and large chains. The graves have been badly vandalized. They are one of the most prominent features in Fuller Park.

Fuller Park was established by Rev. Fuller after his wife, Virginia passed away in 1938. Medford Fuller was one of the leading businessmen in the 1900’s. His reason for buying Fuller Park and fencing it in remains a community-wide mystery, with a recent newspaper article citing the fact that Reverend Fuller’s will burned in a fire, which was the only document that may have mentioned the intended purpose for the park.

Just before Reverend Fuller moved to Athens, the Athens Baptist church burned to the ground. Rev. Fuller raised money to build a new church and oversaw the construction of the new building. Rev. Fuller regularly loaned people money and made money off of the interest paid back to him.

Following his death, heirs took ownership of Fuller Park. Then, William Wayne Justice purchased the property for $1000. The judge never did anything with the property, though.

Visitors to Fuller Park today regularly report that there is evidence of rituals left behind. Partially burnt candles, animal carcasses, and pentagrams have been observed by a number of people. Fuller Park is one of several locations where evidence of rituals have been discovered. Monkey Bridge is another well-known location in Athens where rituals have reportedly taken place.

Fuller Park Rumors:

Rumors abound about Fuller Park. One interesting rumor is that Fuller Park was once the Henderson County Poor Farm. According to the research we’ve conducted so far, this isn’t the case, although there was a poor farm located in nearby in an adjacent county.

Many people believe that the rituals taking place in Athens, Texas are satanic. Rumors that the city was founded by a group of dissident Satanists are floating around out there. The veracity of these claims is questionable.

There are rumors that an underground tunnel system exists underneath the city of Athens. This tunnel systems purportedly connects 5 different locations in a pentagram shape with a sixth location, the Henderson County Courthouse in the middle. Apparently, there is evidence that the tunnel system does exist. In particular, the Athens Country Club, Monkey Bridge may be a part of the system. However, it seems plausible that the tunnels were used as part of the underground railroad to help slaves reach freedom in the north prior to the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. Another theory is that the tunnels were built to help transport moonshine during the prohibition era.

Fuller Park Ghosts and the Paranormal:

Visitors to the park have reported an eerie feel to the park.

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