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Gargoyle Home

Gargoyle Home

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 819 North 4th Street, Atchison, KS 66002, USA


Atchison, Kansas is located in the northeastern quadrant of the state.

The Gargoyle Home is located at 819 N. 4th Street in Atchison, Kansas.

The Waggener House, also known as the Gargoyle Home was built in 1884-1885 by “Bailie Peter” B.P. Waggener. He was a politician, state senator, and a lawyer in Atchison in the later 1800’s. B.P. belonged to the Masonic lodge as a Knight Templar and a thirty-second degree member of the Scottish Rite. The house is located at 819 N. 4th Street in Atchison.

The Waggener Home gets its name from the gargoyles that decorate its exterior. Local lore is that the gargoyles were put in place to honor a pact that B.P. Waggener made with the devil. Though gargoyles are usually put in place to scare off evil spirits, Atchison locals seem to believe that the pact could explain how Waggener accumulated all of his wealth. In reality, however, B.P. Waggener was a relatively generous man who held an annual picnic on his birthday each year for the children in Atchison.

The Waggener House (aka Gargoyle House) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Waggener House Curse:

Some Atchison locals believe that the Waggener House is cursed. One man who owned the home attempted to remove the gargoyles and ended up falling to his death on a staircase in the house.

Ghosts at the Waggener House:

A paranormal investigation team, the Kansas City Ghost Hunters, were able to pick up the presence of ghosts on their technologically sophisticated equipment. They also reported feeling a strong presence in the house.

Other Related Haunts:

There are a variety of other haunts in Atchison, Kansas. Some of the most famous haunts include:

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