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Grapevine Cemetery

Grapevine Cemetery

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Madisonville, KY, USA

Grapevine Cemetery is located in the city of Madisonville, Kentucky. Madisonville is a large city in Hopkins County, which is in the far north-western part of Kentucky. The city of Madisonville, Kentucky itself is situated in the middle As of the year 2010, the population of Madisonville was 19, 591 people. Madisonville was founded in 1807 A.D. and was incorporated into the state of Kentucky in 1810 with a population of 37 people.

The angel statue in Grapevine cemetery is one of the most well know “haunts” about the cemetery. There are two stories about “The Crying Angel”. The first is that, supposedly, if you go to Grapevine Cemetery at midnight on the night of the full moon, the angel will look at you and cry tears of blood. “The Crying Angel’s” head was broken off quite a long while ago, and is now only resting on top of her body. The second story goes that if you knock her head off onto the ground, that she will curse you to have bad luck. As with another story from this cemetery, you might die. Now, “The Crying Angel’s” right wing broke of, and is now laying on the ground next to her, unable to be put back on. People say that if you put her wing back on her, she will grant you one wish, almost like a genie. Sometimes, the angel in Grapevine Cemetery will have her eyes turn a bright red color, and she will cry tears of blood for all the babies that have died. It’s unknown if this ever happens in the daytime. One source says that actually, there’s a blood red flower that blooms only at night on the angel, and makes the angel appear to be crying. Although I have never heard, or seen a flower that blooms only at night, there is a flower called a ‘red moonflower’ that blooms at night and is red.

Story number two of Madisonville, Kentucky’s Grapevine Cemetery, the heartbroken teenager. Some say that a boy committed suicide after being left by his girlfriend. Witnesses report that if you park your car in front of a certain grave, most likely of the teenage boy, and do certain things, you’ll make contact. Here’s what you have to do: Open all your doors and trunk, roll down all your windows, and blare a love song from your car‘s stereo, he will come and “greet” you by screaming a death roar. The ghost story is that if you don’t get the trunk and doors closed with the windows rolled up before he gets to your car or you’ll die.

Once in Madisonville, Kentucky, go to South Main St. and drive until you come to McLeod Lane (There will be a sign.). Turn onto McLeod Lane and drive for a little over a mile. Grapevine Cemetery will be on your right if you’re going East on McLeod Lane.

There is a Grapevine Cemetery in Grapevine, Texas that is not to be confused with this haunted location when searching for more information or photos. There are also many other ‘crying angels’ throughout the U.S.


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