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Greenlady’s Graveyard | Green Lady Cemetery | Indian Princess Cemetery

Greenlady’s Graveyard | Green Lady Cemetery | Indian Princess Cemetery

Green Lady Cemetery

Haunting tales of the Green Lady Cemetery have circulated for years in the small town of Winchester in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The graveyard is not easy to find and requires a heavy duty vehicle for the off-roading through a dense forest that you’ll have to do to reach the place. It is situated in a valley off the Waterbury Turnpike. Follow Preston Road and then take a left at the fork to find Green Lady’s Graveyard.

A woman named Mary Crocker is blamed for most of the paranormal events that are said to take place here. She was, according to locals, a woman who was left behind by a Civil War soldier. She died at a young age (39) and was thereafter known as the Green Lady, appearing in the cemetery as a greenish mist searching for her lost lover.

Some Winchester locals report that the ghost of Mary Crocker appears most often on foggy nights in one particular corner of the cemetery and wanders about the graveyard. Some have seen her on the road leaving the cemetery as well. This is a common story of love gone awry. Most ghostly women searching for their lost lovers are white ladies; Mary Crocker, however, has become well known for her greenish hue. She also is most likely to appear during the fully moon, according to some resources.

The Green Lady Cemetery is filled with the graves of men who died in the Civil War. Unfortunately, the graveyard has been vandalized over the years and is somewhat unkempt these days.

A group of paranormal investigators known as NWCPS did visit the location to see if they could find any authentic Winchester ghosts. They even made a point of going to the location on a drizzly (though perhaps not foggy) day. Tragically, nothing showed up on any of their video, digital voice recordings of photos. However, they did note that the place is isolated, which contributes to its spookiness. Even the psychic/sensitive that they took with them to the location failed to pick up any ghosts at Green Lady Cemetery. Perhaps Mary only makes a showing when she feels like it.

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Winchester CT Connecticut United States

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