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Hamilton Motor Inn Medicine Man

Hamilton Motor Inn Medicine Man


The gentleman that we interviewed at the convenience store had trouble recalling the title of the Indian who haunts Aurora. He kept calling the Indian an Indian “buck” and then, stopped and said, “What’s the word I’m looking for?” All of us said, “Chief?” and the convenience store clerk said, “No, that’s not it…” Another clerk on duty that night offered, “Medicine Man?…” And of course, that rung a bell and the fellow relating his story to us continued on. What’s interesting about this slip of the tongue is that we later found a story about a “Buckskin Charlie” White who was an Indian SCOUT buried in Farmer’s Valley Cemetery (also purportedly haunted) in Stockham, NE. Whether the Medicine Man and Buckskin Charlie White have been confused or not remains to be verified. This is a terribly loose connection, but interesting enough to mention.

Paranormal Reports:

According to some reports from locals, a Medicine Man haunted what used to be the Andersen Motor Inn (now the Hamilton Inn). This Medicine Man has been seen at the motor inn as well as around the city of Aurora. His presence in Aurora is the reason why “a tornado will never touch down in Aurora”.

Interestingly, a few months following the interviews that we did with locals in Aurora, a tornado did indeed touch down here. Some of you who are fans of the show “Stormchasers” may remember this episode in which Reed Timmer and his crew stationed their armored vehicle inside a tornado that blew out their windows leaving them with bloodied faces. On Wednesday, June 17, 2009, this large and dangerous tornado ran a course about a quarter of a mile south of the P & G (Proctor and Gamble) Pet Care Plant. The tornado destroyed a house and some outbuildings, knocked down power lines, and overturned railroad cars. The P & G Pet Care Plant sustained some damages from the tornado as well. Video footage of the tornado as captured by storm chasers Reed Timmer and his crew can be seen at the following URL:

Two miles west of Aurora, the tornado dissipated. No one was injured or killed in the twister. Nonetheless, this event is worth noting, given the folklore regarding the Medicine Man and the belief that he is said to keep the tornados away. Now…it is important to note as well, that the city of Aurora itself was not hit. There were no damages to the houses and buildings in the city of Aurora itself. So…think what you will on this one.

According to reports, the Andersen Inn was “exorcised” to try to remove the Medicine Man. His presence was apparently uncomfortable enough to warrant getting rid of him (despite the fact that he can change the path of an oncoming tornado?). There is speculation that the entire city of Aurora is built on an Indian burial ground, however we have not verified this information through historical research.

Interestingly, we did capture a large number of orb-like objects in the first photo we took of the Hamilton Inn.

Other Related Haunts:

There are a number of haunted locations in Aurora including Witch’s Grave, the Aurora Courthouse, and Spaff’s Grave. If you have a chance to visit this haunted city, don’t forget to take a look at the other haunted places that are here as well.


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3115 S. 16th St. Aurora NE Nebraska United States

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  1. The Hamilton Motor Inn was demolished in the fall of 2013.

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