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Hannah’s Grave

Hannah’s Grave

Located right outside Lake Waconda, Nebraska, near Union, Nebraska in Eastern Cass County.

The History:

According to Nebraska Tripod, “In the 1800’s a young girl named Hannah, age 16, became pregnant. Her parents were not pleased with this fact. when it came time to have the baby, she delivered it at home. Her mother took it immediately and is said to have drowned the baby in the Missouri River. She later told Hannah that it was stillborn. Hannah was heartbroken. She is said to have died of a broken heart. Regardless of how she died, she lived only for a short time after giving birth.”

This story is similar to one told about a place known as Screaming Bridge in Carmel, Indiana. A young girl gave birth to a baby out of wedlock in this tale as well, but rather than abandon the child at her father’s bidding in the woods, she hung herself.

Apparently, Hannah was buried in one of her parent’s fields.

The Haunting:

People have reported experiencing the ghost of a woman who is searching for her child. She has been heard crying out for her child according to reports. It has been observed that snow never touches the spot where this woman is buried. Reports of a ghostly light that resembles a lantern floating through the night.


I would guess, first of all, that the snow doesn’t touch Hannah’s grave if the headstone is in the way, but I guess I don’t know if there is a headstone at Hannah’s grave. One would think this would make it easy to find the unmarked gravesite at least. The location of Hannah’s grave seems as though it would be difficult to ascertain precisely, as directions to this exact location are scant and there don’t seem to be any landmarks that one could follow to find one’s way to this location.


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  1. My woman and I went to search for this grave sight. The story here in Plattsmouth Nebraska is the same as told above. The Cemetery is supposedly Rock Bluff Cemetery which is sort of hard to find. But after a Sunday drive we finally found it. The road comes to an end that is blocked with a gate and big road closed sign. The road / driveway to the right is roped off as private property. But if you observe closely, you will see to the left a small sign that says “Cemetery Parking” and you can walk on the grass to the only unlocked gate. All the others are chained and locked. it is the strangest cemetery I have seen as there are plots then bare land then plots again as if some of the plot stones have been removed and discarded. After searching all the head stones the only Hannah we found was that of Hannah E Thompson which is the same head stone pictured above. We also found the stone of the first burial in the cemetery which was interesting. It appears to be a child possibly one year of age. It’s hard to make out the dates but looks like 1806 and 1807. But it clearly states on the stone that it is the first burial in the cemetery. We have pictures if you have a way for me to load them.

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