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Hayloft Restaurant

Hayloft Restaurant


Located along Old U.S. 30


The Hayloft restaurant was recommended to us by some Subway Restaurant employees in Plymouth, IN. "Ryan" and "Roberto" gave us a tip that the Hayloft Restaurant is a well known local haunt.

The Hayloft was a restaurant in a 90 year old barn. It was once one of the original buildings on a working farm. It was used as a barn until the 1970’s. It burned down recently, but it is currently in the process of being restored. Note that when the Hayloft was still in business, one of the paranormal events said to occur frequently at the restaurant was the unexplained smell of burning wood.

We traveled in the direction recommended by Ryan along Hwy 30. We felt as though we had gone too far, however, and so pulled over at the Marathon Convenience store and flagged down a guy in a blue car who offered to escort us to where the Hayloft Restaurant once did business. He showed us the location where the restauarant used to be located and the new construction which was nearby. We photographed both the old and the new location. We asked our friendly escort what he knew about the Hayloft and he said "It was a barn, but they served fine cuisine." He told us that no one really knows how or why it burned down.

The restaurant is located fairly close to the Correctional Facility.


Strange smells including the smell of burning wood and poltergeist activity has been reported. According to some reports, a ghost named "Homer" haunted the old barn. Homer was a farmer who, according to local lore, once owned the land on which the Hayloft is located. Poltergeist activity is blamed on Homer with items that disappear and then reappear in a different place being common occurences. Homer’s first documented visits were reported in 1989, about 100 years after the barn was built.

A Native American apparition has also been reported. This ghost is blamed for knocking over chairs and knocking pots off the counter and things of that nature.


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Plymouth, IN Indiana 46563, USA

Plymouth, IN Indiana 46563, USA

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