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Hells Playground | Devils Playground

Hells Playground | Devils Playground

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: Brodhead, WI, USA

Brodhead, Wisconsin

Brodhead is located in southern Wisconsin in Green County and Rock County. It is a small community of about 3,000 residents.

Hell’s Playground Information: 

There is some disagreement about where Hell’s Playground is located in Wisconsin area:

Two sources claimed that Hell’s Playground (aka the Devil’s Playground) is located in Avon, Wisconsin. Others said that it is located in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

One source said to take Highway 81 toward Beloit, Wisconsin. Then turn south on Nelson Road and keep going past a church with a red cross (one source indicated that the red cross malfunctioned and the church has since burnt to the ground). Then, after crossing a bridge (or, one source suggested, BEFORE crossing the bridge), look for a dirt road on the left. This leads to Hell’s Playground.

Another source said that Hell’s Playground was located at the park near the pool in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Yet another source said that the area has been blocked off by the township “because of what happened there”. In order to reach it, you have to go down along the river about two miles on foot. It is difficult to find if you don’t have someone with you who knows the way.

Some sources claim that there is a swing set and playground, while other people say the swing set and playground are no longer there.

And finally, a group of eight people from Supernatural Wisconsin, fanned out in a grid-like pattern scoping out the various areas where Hell’s Playground might be located as suggested by numerous sources. They hiked the two miles up river, followed directions to the bridge, then turned both BEFORE and AFTER the bridge. This source made the claim that there is no Hell’s Playground or that it is so hidden and obscured as to be impossible to find. However, another source said that there is no playground at all. There are no swingsets, no evidence of swingsets or other playground-ish items. Rather, the road beyond the bridge mentioned above just leads to an “area” that locals consider “creepy”.

Some Brodhead locals claim that two adults and a child were murdered in the Hell’s Playground area. Others say that a child only was murdered by accident by a man who had some mental health issues. One source gave the name of the child as Steve Shrivers. He was, according to this source, shot on December 3, 1975.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Hell’s Playground in Brodhead, Wisconsin:

Brodhead locals claim that disembodied voices and apparitions can be observed at Hell’s Playground in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Some people report that werewolves populated the area.


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  1. The location pictured is the entrance to the public hunting grounds.I grew up in the Avon bottoms and hunt that area.I don’t recommend “Ghost hunter’s” wonder around there.The mud in some areas is like quick sand. A local farmer once lost a tractor in this stuff. No joke!!! There is no play ground. If there ever was by now it be a rust pile in the bottom of the muck. Yes, a 12 year old boy was shot and killed. He was riding in a car with teen age boys who would bully a mentally disabled man, Brian Carey. They would throw rocks at him and call him names. On that day he had a shotgun and fired into the car, killing the boy. It is a creepy place to a lot of people. There have been bigfoot sightings and monster quest featured a story about werewolf sightings. Just please be careful, the swamp is no joke.

    • Yes its around the oublic hunting area and yes it is still there and recognizable just trecked out there three weeks ago its surrounded by water so couldnt get into it without being willing to get wet but someone must have been cause me and the two friends i went with saw what looked to be a person sitting on the ground but they didnt move or respond when called to either way it is still there its a bit of a walk though recomend that atleast one person knows where u were going and who all be woth u just in case

    • It is still there it may or may not be were the map shows but i was just out there three weeks ago however its surrounded by water and couldnt actually get to it but we did see what looked to be a person sitting on the ground in the middle but they didnt move or speak when called to may or may not be whats on the map but its there its a bit of a hike though,almoat two miles away from the road

  2. Its not really dosagreement about location avon is a township on the outskirts of brodhead wi most places in the area have a brpdhead address i grew up less then two miles from this place google map it direct line from the end my old driveway to the playgground.

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