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Highway 66 | Bloody Bride

Highway 66 | Bloody Bride

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Stevens Point, WI, USA

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Bloody Bride Bridge

Stevens Point is located in the central part of the state in Portage County. Bloody Bride Bridge is a well-known Stevens Point haunt that crosses the Plover River. The road known as Bloody Bride Road to Stevens Point locals is actually Highway 66.

According to locals, a new bride was killed in a car accident at the site on her wedding night and paranormal events at Bloody Bride Bridge are blamed on this tragedy. Some people have reported seeing a woman dressed in white and covered with blood in the middle of the road leading up to the bridge. Indeed, a police officer purportedly spotted the ghostly apparition just before hitting her with his car. After hitting the woman with the car, he turned around and saw her sitting in his backseat.

This is a ghastly story, but unfortunately, investigators have failed to find supporting evidence for this tale. According to Unexplained Research, the Stevens Point Police Department has no record of a new bride getting killed on Highway 66/Bloody Bride Road. According to the Unexplained Research team the Stevens Point police also have no record of a police officer hitting a bloodied woman dressed in white with his vehicle.

Still, locals contend that those who drive down Bloody Bride Road will see the bloody bride in her wedding attire. Those who go ahead and park their car can hang out until midnight to see the image of the bride and her groom in the rearview mirror.

The Washington County Paranormal group took a gander at Bloody Bride Road on an afternoon trip to the location and though they failed to see any ghosts, they did note some strange rock formations in the Plover River. There were perhaps a dozen little “rock stacks” recorded by this group that seemed odd enough to mention. These were carefully, if not impossibly balanced rock piles that made no sense in context except for the fact that they were discovered in a purportedly haunted location.


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Stevens Point, WI Wisconsin, USA

Stevens Point, WI Wisconsin, USA

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  1. She was my grandmother’s (on my mom’s side) sister. Strange that there’s no record of it – I, as well as the rest of my family, have always known about it. Her name was Bernice (Bonnie) Bannach. She was born on August 7th 1937 in Stevens Point, and she died on her wedding night – November 10th 1956.

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