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Historic Plantation House

Historic Plantation House

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  • Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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  • Address: 1735 East Buffalo Road, Bolivar, MO 65613, USA

This is one of the oldest houses in Bolivar. Many have reported loud footsteps echoing through the house when theres no one there. Voices have also been heard in the home. Many apparitions have been seen in the home. The paranormal activity is highly active in the home.

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  1. I need as much information on this house as possible.
    I can explain later.
    But if there is anything anyone can tell me, I would be EXTREMELY appreciative.

  2. I think we lived there from 2003-2008. My husband & I would hear voices & look everywhere (even outside) – he was a skeptic till it happened to him. One day shortly after we moved in the boys were at school & I was at work and my husband had the day off. He was asleep on the couch. He said he heard the front door open and footsteps go through the house. He thought it was me. When I came home after work he asked why did you stop by? I told him it wasn’t me. That was one of the first experiences we had while living there.One of our son’s had an eagle hanging from the ceiling in his room that he ended up taking down because it “flew” around at night. I heard voices outside at night but never saw anyone. We heard it was once a stagecoach stop. There was a little star on one side of the bricks outside that represented what side of the Civil War they were on. There is supposed to be a cemetery for the slaves on the back side of the property. This place was GREAT in the summer but impossible to heat in the winter! I only felt creeped out a couple of times – the worst was the last day there. I was alone & going through the house one final time but I felt that I was not by myself, and the atmosphere was very sad … and a little creepy. I hate that it has become abandoned. It should’ve been restored into a museum.

    • We figured out I entered the wrong years in the earlier post. We lived there from 1998 – 2002.

    • Im not sure if you can answer this for me but do you know if their is a name that goes with the house such as the last name of the original home owners who built the house. Im trying to find a little bit more history on the house its a beautiful house and has to have so much history if their is any thing you can tell me such as year built, or who owns the home and property currently.

  3. Yeah I lived there for 2 year’s every night would here voice’s and loud noise’s and no one there heard it was a slave house and the barns still had shackle’s there at night the dog’s would go crazy and chase thing’s that not there!

  4. Yes me and my ex husband rickey and my baby daddy jr all lived in this house from around 2006 to 2007. we lived there with are two kids which was around 4 to 7 years old with are two dogs one was outside and the other was a big great dan dog. lived there and heard many noises inside and out but we also had cops there many times cuz we heard babys crying upstairs which are kids was grown and had no idea where it was coming from we also found a riped up shirt outside really looked like a shirt back then didnt look like a shirt we would wear now days. we had also had a baby goat in the garage area where u could put chicken or small animals in next too the house it had a lock on that door no way it could get out we woke with the goat out we looked and found it in another part of the garage sitting upright with a scared look on his frace scared dead it was very weird couldnt figure it out. people told us in the barn area thay used too keep slaves in there and tie them up on the hooks which should still be there and thay sleep in the little areas in there dont really look like a barn for animals so yeah maybe but idk and yes there is a star symbol in the top half of the house on the side which ment safe house is what i heard..

    • I went to Bolivar several months ago and drove by and the barn isn’t there any more. The windows are broken. There were even vultures sitting on the chimney … looked creepy. The voices we heard were loud – we just couldn’t tell what they were saying. I would be in the kitchen & my husband would be in the living room and we would hear someone talking and we’d both go, “What did you say? I didn’t understand you.” Happened often – we laughed about it being the nexus of the universe with some sort of time warp LOL – never creeped us out though (maybe because we were BOTH in the house at the same time & not by ourself) :)
      There was one time I was there overnight by myself and heard voices outside – have to admit I was scared that night.

  5. Who owns this property? I have a paranormal investigation group that would love to investigate and help find evidence of activity.

    • Contact the Polk County Tax Assessors’ and Recorders’ offices for Bolivar, Missouri. Think they would have record of ownership. When we lived there a local couple managed it for the out-of-state owner. Old Plantation House Address: 1735 East Buffalo Road, Bolivar, MO 65613, USA. Will be interesting to see if you get any evidence.

    • I would love to know what you find out me and my buddy I have interest in the paranormal activity I just recently moved here to Bolivar Missouri I was also told that there was a house that was haunted on the street corner of Gary and buffalo is this the same house?

    • If you get to investigate, I live locally and would love to go and learn from you!

  6. My mother, aunts and grandma lived in this house from 1994- 1995, they were gonna buy it but the heating bill was very expensive in the winter so they moved out, as i grew up they told me stories that they heard voices, a mans face was on the window and they WASH it off literally, a nousse hanging from the stairs, sightings of ghosts,people walking,lights turning on and off, there is a star on the side, ive drove by it i couldve swore i seen a little girl on the top floor looking out the window, its a really creepy house but people get warned not to go in by yourself

  7. According to the Assessor it was built in 1880. My great grandma’s parents lived there many years ago.

  8. I was trying to find out for months if this place was for sale. I love this house. Never got anything haunting but it was a warm hearted feeling of a house.

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