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Holiday Inn Taunton

Holiday Inn Taunton

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  • Date Posted: May 5, 2014
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  • Address: 700 Myles Standish Boulevard, Taunton, MA 02780, USA

In the previous years their has been a number of two suicides at the Holiday Inn. The first one happened on the second floor a few years ago. The house-keeping department reported that the room which the suicide happened had a Do~Not~Disturb sign on the door, so house-keepers did not enter. The room was occupied for about a week. During the week a lady came to the front office and said her husband had been missing for about a week and a half; and, she said her husbands car was in the parking lot. The lady gave her the husbands name. Mary Moreton, the manager of the hotel went to the room that the husband was occupying, along with her grandson, and the wife, who’s name wont be revealed. When they arrived to the room there was a Do~Not~Disturb sign on the door, and it was locked with, what seemed extreme force. Mary, the manager called maintenance, and they broke the door down with a Power-Saw. The door was bolted shut with a number of two-by-fours. The room was Pitch-Black, and had a horrible odor. When they walked around the corner their was a rather large knife by the bed. Their was blood all over the floor, and the man laid dead in the bathroom area, with a silenced pistol by his side. The dead husband’s wife fainted in disbelief. The Hotel manager called the police, and the maintenance worker covered the body with a blanket. The room was filled with maggots, bugs and mold, due to all the blood. When the EMT’s arrived, they pronounced the man dead, and said he had been dead for about 4-5 days. The man had a slash across his wrist, but he managed not to cut any main veins, he also had a gunshot to the head, which was the reason he died. Their was brains, and head tissue all over the bathroom. the chemicals from the brain was actually deteriorating the shower curtain and the bathroom towels. The EMT’s took the man out the freight elevator, and brought the man to the local morgue.

The room was redone, and cleaned. The hotel reopened the room, and guest are now able to use the room. Guests have called the front desk, with reports of hearing screams, gunshots, and the bed violently shaking in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever; but, the guests next to the room report not hearing anything. Also guests say they have seen a bloody man on their bed in apparition form, but as they walk over to the bed it disappears, and the bed is fine. Many say, while their in the bathroom looking in the mirror, they see a man with a small gun behind them. But, when the turn around theirs no one their. The employees have reported loud, head-aching screams that can be heard in the stairway by the 28 room’s, which the man had killed himself. Also, many employees report an apparitions at the end of the hallway which slowly moves into stairway 28. Employees also encounter obnoxious screams in the freight elevator. All these situations have been witnessed by the manager, and hotel owner.

The Holiday Inn Owner was notified by the Manager about the issues with the room, and said it will be a “Free-Room,” which means anyone can stay in the room for one night, for free, as long as they don’t complain about anything. Also the Owner had called professional Ghost-Hunter, and they did find paranormal activity that they could not debug. The paranormal activity include screaming, gun-shots that can only be heard from inside the room, the bed violently shaking, the elevator free falling, and the apparition at the end of the hall by stairway 28, and many many more. The Ghost hunters say the paranormal activity is most active between 6:00-7:30pm, the time the body was discovered.


700 Myles Standish Boulevard Taunton MA Massachusetts United States

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  1. I stayed in 226. I had to move to another room (228) cuz I was so scared. 228 was no better. I was freaked out by noises sounding like a cat meow, thumping under my bed, I recorded video footage and saw orbs flying too quick to be dust across the screen. I was trying to focus on a spot under the bed when my brand new perfectly operating Iphone started Changing tints, unfocusing, making static sounds and then it went haywire leaving the screen all distorted. Also, my dog (second floor is the pet friendly floor) was staring at the wall across from bathroom and growling and barking and cocking her head From side to side like she was looking at someone or something peculiar. I think I was hallucinating when I was in the bathroom thinking someone broke into my room and when I looked under the door I thought I saw these demon looking things staring at me. I thought I was losing my mind.

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