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Hotel Provincial

Hotel Provincial

New Orleans, LA Louisiana, USA


Having functioned as a Confederate hospital at one time, this hotel has seen some gruesome sights. The ghosts of the Hotel Provincial make testament to the fact that there was much unfinished business and many tragic lives lost in the building. Ghostly doctors as well as soldiers wander the hallways. Sometimes they reach out to guests for help. Disembodied moaning sounds and cries of pain have been reported in the building.

Building 5 is reputedly the most haunted structure on site. One little girl stepped out of the shower to find a pile of towels on the floor. Upon looking more closely, she saw that they weren’t towels, but rather, bloody bandages and dirtied sheets.

A security guard reported having a rare experience in this building. He stepped out of the elevator into a room that had been transformed before his eyes into the Civil War hospital complete with wounded soldiers and doctors hurrying from cot to cot. The building, as it was at this current time was completely obscured. The stunned security guard stood motionless, waiting for the vision to disappear. It is rare for individuals to have these kinds of experiences even in very haunted places. Visit the C. C. White Building at Wesleyan University in Nebraska to read about an incident in which a woman was similarly transported back in time at a haunted building on campus.

Blood stains reportedly appear on sheets inexplicably and then disappear.

1024 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA Louisiana, USA

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