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Kadesh Methodist Church | Casar Methodist Church

Kadesh Methodist Church | Casar Methodist Church

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  • Date Posted: May 5, 2014
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  • Address: 178 Kadesh Church Road, Lawndale, NC 28090, USA

Belwood, North Carolina

Belwood is located in southwestern North Carolina in Cleveland County. It is very small community of about 1,000 residents.

Kadesh Methodist Church | Casar Methodist Church Information:

Kadesh Church isa Methodist church located on Kadesh Church Road. It is listed near Lawndale by some resources. According to one source, the Kadesh Methodist Church is located on the Casar Highway near Lawndale in central Cleveland County.

According to the Old Testament, Kadesh Barnea is where Moses and the Israelites spent much of their 40 years wandering in the desert.

To get to Kadesh Methodist Church, take Exit 105, taking Highway 18 south in Morganton off of I-40. Travel 18-20 miles to Route 10. The Kadesh Methodist Church is another 7 miles or so on your right down Highway 18.

There is another church nearby, known as the Casar Methodist Church that has been associated with similar stories of eerie organ music playing when no one is inside. Casar Methodist Church is located near Kadesh Methodist Church in approximately the same region. To visit Casar Methodist Church, follow the above directions to Kadesh Methodist Church but when you get to Route 10 West, drive 8 more miles to the the Casar Town limits and take a right at “Buck Chapman”. Buck Chapman turns into Casar Methodist Church Road. The church is a half mile up the road on the left. As you look at the church, turn 180 degrees and 75 yards down the road that ends on the right, you’ll see the Casar Methodist Church Cemetery. Be prepared for locals to follow you and ask you to leave.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Kadesh Methodist Church | Casar Methodist Church near Belwood, North Carolina:

Ethereal organ music has been reportedly coming from inside the Kadesh Church by Belwood locals for many years. The organ music is purportedly heard clearly outside the church even though there is no one present inside the building.

Locals claim that years ago, after World War II, a man who worked for a highway construction company brought home a few sticks of dynamite to his home and stashed the sticks in his basement. He lived in the house with his wife and daughter. One night, he went out with his wife leaving his daughter at home alone. At that time, the stove malfunctioned. The house exploded. Little pieces of his daughter was all the man and his wife were able to find. He was completely devastated. The music he played at her funeral was chilling and the man never returned to the church after his daughter’s funeral. He died a few months later.

Today, besides the strange sound of organ music playing when no one is playing the organ, locals claim that one can occasionally see the apparition of the girl in the graveyard, engulfed by flames.


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