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Little Egypt Cemetery

Little Egypt Cemetery


Located southwest of Bremen in the country on 5th and Hawthorne.


This haunted location was reported as a hot spot by “Ryan” at the Subway Sandwich Shop in Plymouth, Indiana.

We have not completed a thorough historical analysis of this location yet. Below is the information that we have derived so far through our investigations.

When we pulled into Bremen, IN, we stopped a fellow on the street and asked him for directions and information about Little Egypt. It just so happens that this man was a police officer for the city and so he was familiar with Little Egypt and the activities that take place there.

The police officer noted that it is a heavily patrolled location because young people visit Little Egypt and vandalize the graves there sometimes.

When we got to Little Egypt Cemetery, we noted that a number of tombstones were tipped over. There is barbed wire across the top of the fence, making it difficult to get into the cemetery as well. Some people suggested that we throw pennies into the graveyard to get some sort of paranormal response, although we had no luck eliciting a paranormal response by doing this.

Little Egypt is located in Amish Country and it is not unusual to see odd markings on the road because of the horse drawn carriages used by these people.


There are a number of different reports for this location. Some people claim that there is a tree with bloodstains on it from a murder that occurred here. Little Egypt has been the site of Satanic worship according to local lore. People have seen mists and orbs in photographs taken at this location. They have reported a number of personal experiences including the sound of babies crying and shadowy apparitions.

This is a heavily patrolled location and, according to our research, it is likely you will be asked to leave if you do not have permission to visit this location. Remember that there are people buried here who deserve respect from the living. Think about how you would want your grave site treated after your death before visiting this location.

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There aren’t very many haunted locations in the United States with the name “Egypt” attached to them, but one of them is close by and includes lore about satanic rituals similar to Little Egypt Cemetery. Visit Egypt Road Bridge to learn more. A woman was brutally murdered and her body left near the Egypt Road Bridge in Salem, Ohio, lending credibiliy to its creepiness.

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