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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Freeman Parkway, Beloit, WI 53511, USA

Beloit, Wisconsin

Beloit is located in Rock County, Wisconsin. It is a community of about 36,000 residents. 

The Manor Information:

The Manor was initially, according to the Beloit Daily News, an “opulent” home to the Fred Morgan family. Fred and his wife Mary had 4 children. Fred made his fortuen in the rubber manufacturing industry. After Fred died, the property on which the Manor sits was reduced from 1,000 to 200 acres. In 1932, it was sold to Richard Freeman of the Freeman Shoe Company.

While the Freemans owned the Manor, it was redecorated and landscaped. In 1958, following Richard Freeman’s death, the home was sold to Mike Bonafede, who started up the first restaurant in the building.

The Manor then later purportedly functioned as an apartment complex for a period of time. Margaret and Darrell Kramer owned the restaurant for eight years until 2001. Then, the place was developed into a poll hall called “Manor X”. At one time, according to one report, the building was used as a commercial haunted house with scare actors and props.

On September 17, 2003, the Beloit Daily News reported that an auction was scheduled to take place, to sell interior furnishings as well as dishes and restaurant items.

The Manor has been an historical landmark since 2001 in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at The Manor in Beloit, Wisconsin:

A number of paranormal events have been reported at The Manor in Beloit, Wisconsin. Some people have reported seeing the apparition of an old woman standing in a window, looking out at them when no one is in the building.

Lights flicker on and off in the building when no one is inside.

Some people claim that they have seen reflections of people in mirrors, but when they turn around no one is there.

Some have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl on the outside perimeter of the building.

Strange sounds have been reported coming from inside the building by people walking by The Manor.


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2102 Freeman Parkway Beloit WI Wisconsin United States

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