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Marquette University

Marquette University

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Marquette University, 1250 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin with approximately 600,000 residents. It is located on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan.

French missionaries and fur traders were the first Europeans to pass through the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. In 181, the French-Canadian explorer named Solomon Juneau settled in the area. In 1846, Juneau’s town combined with two neighboring towns to incorporate the City of Milwaukee.

Marquette University Information:

Marquette University is a private, coeducational, Jesuit, Roman Catholic university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1881. Currently, it has an enrollment of about 12,000 students. It is one of the largest Jesuit universities in the United States and the largest private university in Wisconsin.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Helfaer Theater Haunting:

The apparition of a former artistic director at the Marquette Theater has been reported. Some students have also claimed to hear strange noises and banging sounds, particularly in the area of the catwalk at Helfaer Theater.

Glenn Humphrey Hall Haunting:

Humphrey Hall was once The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Today Humphrey Hall is a student apartment complex at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Apparitions have been reported on security cameras. Disembodied children’s voices have also been reported at Humphrey Hall. Apparitions of children have been observed by students in the building as well.

Johnston Hall Haunting:

Feelings of uneasiness have been reported at Johnston Hall.

Mashuda Hall Haunting:

Mashuda Hall was once the Coach House Motor Inn. The Beatles stayed here during their tour in 1964. Today it functions as a sophomore dormitory.

Students have claimed that a variety of paranormal activities occurred here at one time including strange sounds and flying objects. This was, according to one source, due to a suicide that occurred at Mashuda Hall, however, this information has not been verified. Some say that an exorcism was performed and the paranormal activities at Mashuda Hall stopped.

Straz Hall | East Hall | Old YMCA Haunting:

The David Straz Tower was once the Downtown Milwaukee YMCA. Today it is a residence hall, recreation center, and administrative office building.

The apparition of a young boy is said to the haunt the Straz Tower. Although this information has not been verified, students claim that the boy drowned in the pool when the building functioned as the YMCA years ago.

Varsity Hall Haunting:

The apparition of a male has been reported at Varsity Hall.


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Marquette University, 1250 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin 53233, USA

Marquette University, 1250 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin 53233, USA

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